Outsourcing: OK for Big Pharma, but not for consumers?

From the Pakistan Daily Times:

US firms likely to outsource pharma products’ production

ISLAMABAD: A number of US pharmaceutical companies are planning to outsource research and development projects and production of pharmaceuticals to countries which offer suitable conditions for these activities, Alan P. Larson, Senior International Investment Adviser to a US-based law firm and former under secretary of Economic Business & Agricultural Affairs, said during a meeting with Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz here on Wednesday…

(Aziz) said wide-ranging structural reforms introduced during the last seven years, coupled with macro-economic stability, consistency and continuity of policies, have transformed Pakistan into a destination of choice for foreign investors and during the last financial year the country received a total investment of $3.8 billion which was a record in the country’s history … Mr Larson said there is tremendous potential in Pakistan to undertake research in life sciences, which will lead to increase in production and export of pharmaceuticals from Pakistan.

Let me get this straight: Big Pharma can get its R&D done in Pakistan, but U.S. consumers can’t buy their drugs in Canada because of Big Pharma’s high R&D costs?


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