“Prospects for Legalizing Drug Reimportation to the United States”

A new U.K. report, “Prospects for Legalizing Drug (Re-)Importation to the United States“, has been released on the topic of U.S. citizens buying drugs from online Canadian pharmacies and other Tier One countries, such as the U.K., Australia and Japan. The report promises insight and analysis on these key questions:

  • Will the drug reimportation bill pass?
  • Where would supplies come from?
  • What would be the risks and savings for consumers?
  • What would be the risks and opportunities for industry players?

The report, issued by London-based Report Buyer, presents itself this way:

With public and private payers across the country seeking to save every healthcare dollar to get through the economic recession, [Sen. Byron] Dorgan senses a ‘bit of a tailwind’ behind his proposal this time. His supporters are tackling their critics head on with claims that rather than it being dangerous the measure will actually improve drug safety…

Whether you want to protect your business in the US, assess the potential for becoming a player in what could be a new channel or a supplier to it, or are concerned about the knock-on effects in the 20 countries initially named as potential sources (inc. Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and the UK) this report is essential reading.

Unfortunately, the report is a pricey $1,600, so unless you have a specific business interest in this legislation, you’re probably better off waiting to see how things unfold rather breaking the piggy bank for this one.

Or you can just keep reading the eDrugSearch Blog. After all, we’re free.

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