This Is How a Teaspoon of Mustard Cures Muscle Cramps

yellow mustard relieves muscle cramps

Does Mustard Actually Cure Muscle Cramps?

Do you get charley horses or other serious muscle cramps at work or during your exercise routine? Maybe you’ve tried soaking in the bath, using a hot water bottle or other home remedies with no success.

Unexpected and unwelcome muscle cramps plague everybody’s existence, whether professional athletes or construction workers. Muscle cramps have been occurring since as long as people have been exercising.

What is the secret remedy that you can apply every time? Yellow mustard! The little yellow packets will suffice. Keep them on hand in your car or purse so that they are always in reach when you need them.

It works within two minutes and feels like a miracle.

The Science Behind Muscle Cramps

Tell this to a doctor and they will roll their eyes and mumble something about home remedies and old wives tales. However, it works time and time again and scientists have researched why.

When scientists electrically induced muscle cramps in research participants and then gave them mustard juice or pickle juice, they found that both mustard and pickle juice relieve cramps within minutes.

For decades, athletic trainers and medical doctors believed that muscle cramps occur because of dehydration or electrolytic imbalance. Magnesium supplements, salt pills, electrolytes or increasing potassium through eating bananas was often recommended.

One group of scientists tested participants’ electrolytic balance before and after two hours of exercise. They discovered no change in electrolytic balance in blood samples due to the ingestion of either mustard or pickle juice.

What Causes Muscle Cramps?

Nobel prize winning scientist Rod MacKinnon, MD from Rockefeller University and his colleague Bruce Bean, PhD from Harvard University, are neurobiologists and kayaking enthusiasts. During one sea kayaking trip they developed debilitating muscle cramps.

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