Miss Illinois is already a winner with Big Pharma

If you’re wondering who to cheer for during Friday’s Miss USA pageant, we offer you Mia Heaston — representing Illinois and the pharmaceutical industry.

Yep — Mia’s a pharma sales rep. And surprisingly, from our quick scan of the bios of the 51 Miss USA contestants (we didn’t spend any time ogling the swimsuit pictures, of course), she’s the only pharma rep in the running for the crown this year.

Last year was better for Big Pharma, and particularly for Sciele Pharma (formerly First Horizon), which has employed two contestants from the 2006 pageant:

Miss Florida 2006 Cristin Duren, and

Miss Michigan 2006 Danelle Gay.

Still, this is a pretty poor showing compared to our NFL cheerleading squads and NBA dance teams. Sigh — maybe next year.

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Significant Figures

Sex? Drugs? What happened to the Rock&Roll?



look up pharming parties and drugging of our kids

these companies are out of control with the anti depressents and psychotropics

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