Michigan officials promote lower prescription drug prices

The Michigan Department of Community Health last year created a Web site, MichiganDrugPrices.com, to help the state’s residents find lower prices on prescription medications. Quantcast offers some interesting summary data on the site’s users since the 2006 launch:

  • This site reaches approximately 67,524 U.S. monthly uniques.
  • The site is popular among a heavily female, 55+, mostly Caucasian audience.
  • Site users have an affinity for CanadaDrugs.com.

Now, from looking at Quantcast’s “data” on my site and others, I know that the site’s information can be wildly inaccurate — our own site traffic is several times greater than Quantcast reports, although I don’t know that it’s worth the trouble of correcting them and giving them proprietary information from our servers.

So take it with a pillar of salt.

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