John Mack asks us, “Can you find reputable Canadian drugs online?”

Next Tuesday, March 20, at noon Central, John Mack of the Pharma Marketing Blog and The Pharma Blogosphere will interview me on his Pharma Marketing Talk Internet radio show.

The topic of the show: “Can you find reputable Canadian drugs online?”

If you read the eDrugSearch blog, you know our answer — of course you can. The problem is, there’s so much noise out there that many consumers are afraid to do so.

Why are they afraid? Well, for starters, the FDA wants consumers to be scared — and unreasonably so. It wants this because the politicians who currently control the FDA are controlled by Big Pharma.

There are legitimate reasons for consumer concern also. Did you know that “Canadian Online Drugstore” was the second most popular spam subject line in 2006, as reported by the Toronto Globe and Mail?

The safety of ordering drugs online is currently a very real issue because of the volume of spam solicitations out there. This BusinessWeek TV report explores some tragic examples of consumers who ordered drugs based on spam solicitations.

Of course, this is exactly why I created — the first comprehensive search engine that enables consumers to choose from more than 30,000 drug listings, all from online pharmacies that have been prescreened to ensure home-country licensing as well as industry accreditations.

I look forward to sharing the eDrugSearch story, and some of our plans for the future, on John Mack’s show next week. I hope you can tune in.

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