How do you know you can trust an online retailer? was founded on the premise that it can be difficult to know which online retailers you can trust — particularly when the product is prescription medications, and you are comparison shopping for the best price.

It’s not worth saving a few dollars (or even a lot of dollars) to risk being ripped off or, worse, being sold a bad product. The stakes are higher with prescription drugs than most other products purchased online, obviously. We’re talking about your health and safety, not just losing your money.

That’s why our comparison shopping engine only includes pharmacies that follow our 10 Commandments. When you shop at, you know you’re not only getting good bargains — you’re also getting them from safe, licensed and accredited Canadian pharmacies.

I bring all this up because I ran across a Consumerist post called “How to Research an Unknown Online Retailer,” which reminded me that it can still be a jungle out there when buying products online.

We created so you could escape the jungle and find a safe place to get affordable medications.


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