Most people have at least one bottle of hair conditioner sitting in their shower at any given time. But what they don’t realize is that it can be used for so much more than softening their hair.

Hair Conditioner Uses

Here are some of the best inexpensive and unexpected uses for hair conditioner…

1.) Stuck Jewelry

If a ring won’t come off of a swollen finger, try rubbing a little hair conditioner on it. It should slide right off.

Hair Conditioner to Remove Stuck Jewlery


2.) Stuck Zippers

Rubbing a little conditioner on a stuck zipper will free it up in no time.

hair conditioner for stuck zippers


3.) Shaving Cream

Switching out regular shaving cream for hair conditioner will reduce the amount of razor burn that you get. Just slather it on the skin, and shave like you normally would.

hair conditioner as shaving cream

Photo: Macgyverisms

4.) Squeaky Hinges

Squirt conditioner into a door hinge. Then, open and close it a few times to lubricate it. The squeak will be instantly gone and works just like WD-40.

Hair Conditioner to Lubricate Door Hinges


5.) Rust Prevention

To prevent tools and exposed metal parts from getting rusty, apply a thin coat of conditioner all over them. Rub it in a little, but don’t wash it off. It will work just as well as other grease prevention products if it completely coats the surface.

Hair Conditioner to Prevent Rust


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6.) Bath Moisturizer

To avoid getting dry, itchy skin from a hot bath, squirt some conditioner into the water before you bathe.

Hair Conditioner to Prevent Rust


7.) Fabric Freshener

Mix together water and hair conditioner in a spray bottle. This DIY fabric freshener spray consists of 1 part hair conditioner and 9 parts water. Then, spritz the mixture all over your clothing or bedding.

Hair Conditioner Spray to Freshen Fabrics


8.) Bandage Removal

To prevent painful bandage removal, rub a little conditioner into the adhesive area that sticks to the skin. Let it soak a few minutes before trying to pull it off. Only try this with minor wounds and cuts though.

Hair Conditioner for Bandage Removal


9.) Cuticle Treatment

Treat dry, cracked cuticles with a dab of conditioner. It will soften them, so they can be gently trimmed away.

Hair Conditioner for Cuticle Treatment


10.) Stainless Steel Polish

A less toxic way to shine up stainless steel is by rubbing some hair conditioner on the metal. Polish it with a soft cloth afterwards.

Hair Conditioner to Polish Stainless Steel


11.) Relax Shrunk Clothes

Clothing that has shrunk in the dryer can be salvaged by spritzing the items by mixing a tablespoon of hair conditioner and warm water. Let it soak a few minutes before gently stretching it back into shape.

Hair Conditioner to Unshrink Clothes


12.) Unclog Greasy Drains

For greasy clogged drains, simply squeeze some hair conditioner and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then pour down some piping hot water to help wash it away. This tip works great on smaller clogs.

Hair Conditioner to Unclog Drain


13.) Handwashing Delicates

One of the most gentle ways to clean delicate undergarments is with hair conditioner. Just squirt about a tablespoon of it into a sink full of room temperature water. Submerge, your clothes in the mixture for a few minutes, gently rinse them and then hang to dry.

Hair Conditioner to Handwash Delicates


14.) Homemade Dryer Sheets

For a quick dryer sheet alternative, simply dampen a wash cloth with your favorite smelling hair conditioner (or essential oils). Then toss in your DIY dryer sheet in the dryer with all clothes and wait until the load is done. You’ll have your clothes and bed sheets smelling great in no time!

Hair Conditioner Uses - DIY Dryer Sheet


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