Gooz on conflict of interest

This story’s about a week old, but we wanted to call it to your attention if you didn’t see it.

After a recent, widely reported study showed that padded hip protectors didn’t prevent bone breaks in elderly patients, the issue of hidden drug industry ties to medical research has once again resurfaced. Three of the authors of the study didn’t tell editors of the Journal of the American Medical Association that they had consulted for or received research money from the makers of bone-strengthening drugs. The Big Pharma relationship was uncovered by reporters.

The AP talked with blogger Merrill Goozer, who called the case a “no-brainer” conflict of interest:

Readers could easily interpret the study to say that since hip protectors don’t work, “I guess I better take the drugs,” even if that’s not what the authors intended, said Merrill Goozner.

You go Gooz!

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