Glenn Beck “sees the light” about dysfunctional U.S. healthcare system

CNN pundit Glenn Beck made this video from his bed at home to shed light on what he now believes is wrong with the U.S. healthcare system — inspired, he claims, by the fact that he was mistreated.

Unfortunately, what the video really reveals is not what’s wrong with healthcare (that should be obvious), but what’s wrong with U.S. “journalism” today — namely, putting egomaniacal, uninformed pundits like Beck on the air in the first place. It’s clear that the only reason he’s upset is that HE got poor care; as he says in the video, “it’s jarring to me to be a successful guy” and be put in this position.

We feel so sorry for you…really.

Actually, we feel sorry for America.

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Just wait to see the socialized medicine… spoil brats!

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