Flooding the market with drug reps catches up to Big Pharma

Drug reps are having a harder and harder time making ends meet. Big Pharma has flooded the market with reps trying to push their product, and they are now paying the price. From CNN Money via Kevin M.D. and PharmaGossip:

Big Pharma, already reeling from mounting competition and tightening government regulations, now has another problem to deal with: an oversupply of sales reps, many of whom are fed up with what they describe as an increasingly restrictive work environment, according to drug industry officials. The old method of saturating individual doctor’s offices with multiple reps from one company is becoming less popular as the billion-dollar blockbusters they once promoted with relative ease are losing their patents–and having to compete with lower-cost generics.

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The over-saturation of pharma reps was pointless in the first place.

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