Expert: “Seniors are wise to consider online Canadian pharmacies” posts this quote from David MacKay, an international pharmacy expert and consultant:

The bottom line in 2007 is that enrollment costs are going up substantially, drug coverage is declining and the brand name coverage in the doughnut hole is being eliminated… Medicare D is an insurance program, not a benefit. As consumption increases, so too will cost. The changes in 2007 clearly demonstrate the limitations of the program. Therefore, seniors are wise to re-evaluate their plans and consider online Canadian pharmacies… especially since Customs seizures are no longer an issue.

MacKay is also quoted in this Toronto Star piece on Canadian imports.

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im am 70yrs old & am in the famous do-nut hole medicare syndrome. would you give me prices for :: ENDOCET 10-650 mg.qty 140 per month every month..oxycodone 20mg qty 60 per month every month.. ambien 10mg.30 per month..i have suffered from 4 blown discs L5-L4-L3-L2. for over 8 years & need financial help with these drugs.please advise & thanks.

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