Even PhRMA can’t spin this

From O’Dwyer’s PR Blog:

The Vytorin controversy is just icing on a (low cholesterol) cake for those upset with the barrage of drug advertising, and the promotion of “quasi diseases” by big pharmaceutical houses. It’s a safe bet the Congress is going to step up efforts to regulate the marketing practices of prescription drugs.

Bart Stupak, chair of the Energy and Commerce investigations subcommittee told the WSJ that is sick and tired on seeing “puffing, advertising based on untrue facts or facts that can’t be substantiated, medical, ethically or legally.” Ouch.

Even the Rx industry’s trade group, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, is raising the white flag. Chief Billy Tauzin admits that some of the criticism of the industry is valid and needs to be addressed. He promises that the industry will consider major changes.

That’s a major concession from the once all-powerful PhRMA, but one that is grounded in the reality of the various pharmaceutical investigations on Capitol Hill and the prospects of a Democrat in the White House.

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Tauzin’s Pharma lobbying group ignores what it cannot explain. They always have.

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