eDrugSearch.com’s Healthcare 100 in the Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal reporter Raymund Flandez writes about the Healthcare 100 today in his piece, “Getting on the Radar Of an Industry’s Top Bloggers.” Here’s an excerpt:

The first step is to find out who the bloggers are in your specific industry. You want to focus your time and attention on blogs that will be the most receptive to talking about the kinds of products or services you offer…

Some Web sites list the most influential blogs in a specific industry. For example, AdAge Power150 (www.adage.com/power150), run by Advertising Age magazine, shows the top media and marketing blogs, while eDrugSearch.com’s HealthCare100 (edrugsearch.com/edsblog/healthcare100) ranks the top English-language health-care blogs.

Sadly, there was no pen-sketch portrait of me accompanying the article 😉

Thanks for including us, Raymund!

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