eDrugSearch.com has a blond moment

eDrugSearch.com has been down much of the day. John Mack wondered if there’d been a security breach. And Jack Friday wondered if we’d been shut down by the feds — or, alternatively, acquired (maybe by Merck or Pfizer?)

The bad news is that I had a blond moment that would make Paris Hilton proud.

Late last night, after purchasing some new domains through my registrar, I decided to park them on the domain parking page. I was successful in pointing the new domain names to this page — but accidentally included the eDrugSearch.com url, causing a global DNS change.

In other words, it was a keying error — and in no way a security issue.

In the grand scheme of things, the site was back up and running pretty quickly. I’m sure my personal embarrassment will linger a bit longer.

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