eDrugSearch Featured in Woman’s World “Ask America’s Ultimate Experts”

eDrugSearch Featured in Woman’s World “Ask America’s Ultimate Experts”

eDrugSearch.com was recently featured in Woman’s World Magazine on page 41 (see article below) in a section entitled “Ask America’s Ultimate Experts – Help me lower my medical costs!” for which I was among 3 experts that helped share tips and advice on to how to lower your medical costs.

We are honored to participate and share our tips that we’ve learned over the past 10 years…what an AMAZING journey it has been!

Out of all the tips I could ever share, eDrugSearch.com is still the BEST way to reduce your medications costs — even when compared to GoodRx.com or your neighborhood pharmacy discount programs.

I know I’m a little biased, so I’ll let you be the judge:[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

Drug Name eDrugSearch GoodRx Avg Local Pharmacy Greatest Savings
Advair Diskus
250-50; 180 doses
$108.00 $946.72 $1,179.00 eDrugSearch
90.84% Savings
10 mg; 90 pills
$42.00 $718.12 $870.00 eDrugSearch
95.40% Savings
5 mg; 180 pills
$355.00 $961.67 $1,141.00 eDrugSearch
69.33% Savings
100 mg; 90 pills
$126.00 $1,046.94 $1,290.00 eDrugSearch
90.23% Savings
20 mg; 84 pills
$169.00 $960.81 $1,141.00 eDrugSearch
85.19% Savings


*If you visit the eDrugSearch.com website be sure to click the “Price Per Pill” column to sort and find the lowest medication prices the quickest.

Woman's World - Ask America's Ultimate Experts - Help Me Lower My Medical Costs!

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