Clip a Clothespin to Ear Pressure Points for 5 Seconds for a Cool Effect

ear pressure points

Do you know about your ear pressure points? Nether did I.

Well, if you stressed and have pain in various parts of your body then you need to keep reading.

You may want to consider becoming your own doctor and try these ear pressure points before running off and scheduling an appointment with a professional.

Basic ear reflexology can be a fast, easy and cost effective solution to get you feeling better again in no time.

To get started, take a brief look at this cool ear reflexology chart (see below) to find the specific reflex and ear pressure points that correspond with the part of your body you want to target.

Then scroll down past the chart for 7 steps to get started.

ear pressure points chart

1.) Get Comfortable

You can start by sitting in a quiet and comfortable chair and a quiet room.

2.) Pull Your Hair Back

If you have longer hair secure your hair with a clip or ponytail so it doesn’t interfere.

3.) Start With Your Ear Lobes

Gently squeeze your ear lobes and softly pull them down; you shouldn’t experience any pain.

4.) Trace the Outer Edge of Your Ears

Use your fingers to trace the outer edge of your ears…go up and around your entire ear and repeat this several times.

5.) Be Aware of the Sensitive Areas

If you notice an area on your ear that feels tender, painful or sore when you press or squeeze it you may want to consult the ear reflexology chart above. This may help you determine a trouble area or the beginning stages of a possible infection. Knowing this could help you prevent future ailments.

6.) Add Pressure to Target Ear Reflexology Points

Gently apply pressure to the key point on your outer ear that you would like to target; see ear reflexology chart above. Once you find the area you want to target, gently apply pressure and hold it for about five seconds in each area before moving on. Repeat this five times before moving on to your other ear.

7.) Add a Clothespin to Your Ear Reflexology Point

Another technique you can try, is to apply a clothespin (in place of finger pressure) to one of the key pressure points pressure points found on the ear reflexology chart that corresponds to your ailment. Apply the clothespin for about a minute and do this several times throughout the day. That’s it!

Here’s how ear pressure points can soothe your ailments…

Ear reflexology is safe, easy to perform and can really help you soothe your mind and body.

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Will you be using ear pressure points for relief?

Let us know your results in the comments section below!

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Would this work for migraines?

Hello Debbie,

Thanks for leaving your question. Unfortunately ear reflexology can only relieve tension headaches and not migraines.

However, here are 6 important acupressure regions that can heal migraines:

Hope this helps and let me know if this helps!

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll check out the website you recommended. My sister-in-law has migraines and I’m always looking for things that might help her.

Sure thing and God bless!

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