Drugstore Savings Strategies from the Coupon MomStephanie Nelson, a.k.a. the Coupon Mom, has released an e-book on savings strategies for CVS, Walgreens and other drugstore chains. The e-book is focused on coupon and reward card savings on general merchandise, rather than prescription drugs. However, there are a couple of good prescription-related tips, such as —

“Pharmacy prescription transfer coupons and competitor coupons: On a local basis drugstores may mail out prescription transfer coupons, such as giving customers a $20 store gift card when they bring in a new prescription or transfer one from another pharmacy.

“Ask your drugstore if they will also accept other pharmacies prescription coupons. If so, start keeping an eye out for your grocery stores’ and other drugstores’ prescription coupons to have several opportunities to save on prescriptions at your preferred drugstore. For example, CVS stores do accept competitors’ prescription transfer coupons. You also earn $1 for every two prescriptions filled in your Extra Bucks account at CVS.”

Download Stephanie’s e-book here.