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Are you one of the 8.8 % of adults worldwide with Type 2 diabetes?

Since diabetes can cause a spike in bad cholesterol levels, it’s advisable to keep tabs on your cholesterol levels too. According to the CDC, heart disease due to high blood pressure is the leading cause of premature death in people with diabetes.

If you’re taking medication like Welchol to manage the elevated cholesterol levels associated with type 2 diabetes, that’s a great start to a healthier life.

A healthy living plan, coupled with Welchol or similar medications, is highly effective in controlling type 2 diabetes, as well as cholesterol. Yet, millions of people worldwide are not getting the treatment they need. Either because they are unaware that they have type 2 diabetes, or because they can’t afford the medication.

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The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Welchol

There’s no denying that prescription medications like Welchol are expensive. This can be a stumbling block for many that need treatment for type 2 diabetes.

The good news is that there are ways to save on the cost of Welchol. Read on to find out how.

What is Welchol?

Welchol belongs to a class of medications called bile acid sequestrants, which work to lower LDL cholesterol as well as A1C levels. That means they decrease the levels of bad cholesterol and sugar in the blood.

Unlike statins, which work on the liver, bile acid sequestrants act in the intestines to eliminate cholesterol. They do this by reacting with the bile acid secreted by your gallbladder to break down harmful fats and remove them from the body.

Other kinds of bile acid sequestrants include cholestyramine resins like Prevalite, Questran or Questran Light, as well as Colestid (Colestipol).

Each of these drugs reacts differently with anti-diabetic medications and have their own set of side effects. However, the result is the same.

Why Do Doctors Prescribe Bile Acid Sequestrants?

When a heart-healthy diet is insufficient in controlling cholesterol, doctors will often prescribe a daily dose of Welchol to help manage LDL levels in the bloodstream.

The medication also helps to lower the presence of glucose in the bloodstream to assist patients with type 2 diabetes to lead a normal life. Welchol does not have any effect on ”good’ cholesterol such as that found in organ meat and egg yolks.

Welchol works well to combat both elevated fat levels and glucose in the blood, with few side effects. The major drawback in taking Welchol is usually the cost of this medication.

On average, Welchol retails for around $643.71 for a 30-day supply of 625mg tablets or $738.85 for 30 sachets of the oral suspension. It’s easy to see how high Welchol prices can deter people from getting the help they need to prevent heart disease and stroke.

How to Save on Your Welchol Prescription

Fortunately, you don’t have to purchase Welchol from the first pharmacy you come across. Nowadays, there are many ways to work around the prohibitive cost of Welchol thanks to online and other resources available. This is what we recommend.

1.) Use the eDrugSearch Cost Comparison Engine

Our online search tool can help you to save up to 90% on your prescription medications, including Welchol, quickly and easily. How is this possible? Your query will bring up a list of licensed Canadian pharmacies who sell Welchol online. These prices are usually much lower than run-of-the-mill pharmacies.

You can do a Welchol price comparison, find out more about the drug, read the Q&As and browse reviews at your leisure. There is no queuing for a pharmacist’s attention. One click of your mouse gets you what you need, including delivery to your doorstep.

Since you can compare prices at a glance, you’ll never wonder if you could have bought Welchol cheaper somewhere else. A generic version of the medication you need can cost you even less.

How to Choose a Reputable Online Pharmacy

Remember that not everything you come across on the internet is legitimate. Although the web gives us greater freedom to shop around and consider our choices, it also exposes us to unscrupulous operators.

You may come across fake pharmacies during your internet searches. These operators want nothing more than to make a fast buck off your medical needs. Any medication you receive from them could be ineffective at best. In the worst-case scenario, it could do more harm than good.

It is important to be vigilant when shopping for Welchol online. Read these pointers before you buy Welchol online to make sure you aren’t becoming another victim of internet fraud.

We can assure you of only the best listings when you use our online search tool to compare Welchol prices. All our suppliers undergo stringent vetting and are safe to use, licensed, require a prescription and have a secure customer privacy policy.

2.) Save With a Welchol Coupon

Do you want to save even more on Welchol costs? When you’re looking to save money on daily expenses, you can use a coupon to get further discounts, right? The same applies to Welchol.

You can do a quick and easy search for Welchol coupons on our site by going here. Next click the ”coupons” tab to see what coupons are available from our participating pharmacies. You’ll also see a list of any additional Welchol cost savings that are up for grabs.

In this way, you can enjoy even bigger discounts on the already reduced cost of your prescription medications.

This section of our website has a range of benefits for online shoppers. You could pick up price-match guarantees, offers that help you save when you buy with a friend and more. It’s an excellent way to get even bigger discounts.

Don’t forget to ask your doctor whether they have a Welchol coupon or know of other ways to save on your prescription. Doctors have access to inside information that will surprise you.

Organizations like AARP have programs in place so that seniors and their families can save on necessary medication.

3.) Get a Generic Version

In most case, generic variations of medication are equally as effective as their brand name equivalents.

Although Welchol is an excellent drug, and well-known for its efficacy, there’s no need to pay full price just for a name. Ask your doctor if you can take a generic version of this drug instead.

The generic version of Welchol is Colesevelam, and it is a highly effective substitute for brand-name Welchol. Many insurance and Medicare plans will cover most of the cost of this generic version. They will often pay the full cost for generic medication.

You can learn more about Colesevelam, and see how much you can save, on our generic drug price comparison page. You’ll also find out if this drug is right for you by reading reviews from people who’ve used it.

If you worry that a generic drug won’t work as well as the original, you needn’t. All generic drugs pass stringent testing before they’re released on the market. Colesevelam has the same dosage availability and the same active ingredient as Welchol. You’ll take it in the same way as the original and enjoy the same benefits.

Don’t let an unfamiliar name put you off. Read up more about it and ask your doctor for advice before you decide. It’s worth the extra effort to benefit from the huge cost benefits. You could save up to 85% by choosing generic medication.

4.) Buy in Bulk

Again, as in the case of grocery shopping, you will often pay less per item when you buy a larger quantity.

While a 30-day supply is one of the most commonly prescribed dosages for Welchol, you can buy it in other quantities. One of the most affordable routes is often to purchase a 90-day supply instead. Simply ask your doctor to provide you with a script for the larger order.

Although most doctors will prescribe a 30-day of supply of Welchol, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy more at one time. A 90-day supply is often more affordable per pill than the usual 30-day one. You’ll pay more at the outset, but you’ll be set for the next 3 months and save money.

Another way to save money is by making use of your Medicare or health insurer’s mail-order pharmacy. Most plans prefer it if you go this route when you order more than 30-days’ worth of medication.

Naturally, our online search function will also reveal places where you can buy a 90-day supply online. Even if you only save a few cents on the Welchol price per pill, it all adds up to great savings.

5.) Split Your Pills

A pill splitter can come in handier than you ever anticipated when you want to save on prescription medication. This little device can save you up to 50% on your costs!

Drugs do not usually cost more depending on the dosage amount. For example, many cholesterol pills are available in higher dosages that cost the same amount for a 30-day supply.

By ordering the larger dosage and splitting the pills, you’ll get twice as many individual smaller doses.

Studies show that you can split many cholesterol-lowering drugs in this way without changing their effectiveness. Unfortunately, Welchol is not one of them.

Safety When Splitting Pills

While pill-splitting won’t do for Welchol, you could use this cost-saving tactic on other medication that you are taking.

Always speak to a doctor before you split any medication. It’s never advisable to take chances with your health by splitting pills willy-nilly.

For starters, not all drugs are suitable for splitting. You should never split time-release tablets or those with an enteric coating.

Drugs that you need to take several times a day, like Welchol, are also not good candidates for splitting. Welchol tablets do not have a central score line and they have an enteric coating as well.

It is impossible to split a Welchol suspension sachet in half accurately.

6.) Speak to Your Doctor

Always discuss your concerns over the affordability of your prescription medication with your doctor. By keeping an open line of communication with them, you make it easier for them to treat you and assist in any way they can.

It is also a clever idea to ask your doctor if you could try a sample of Welchol before you commit to taking it. Often, pharmaceuticals leave these with doctors to promote their medicines and improve brand recognition.

If it turns out that Welchol does not work for you, you wouldn’t have wasted all that money on a full bottle that you can’t use.

7.) Update Your Insurance Plan if Needed

All medical insurance plans have a drug formulary list for each of their plans. This is the list of drugs that they prefer and will pay for, at least in part. This list is usually updated at least once a year, so check it when you renew your plan annually.

Remember to check the co-payments and schedules across options to find the cheapest option. For example, some medications may have an easy-to-manage co-payment, while a similar one could have a much higher price tag. Going through this list with your doctor can help them to prescribe the most cost-effective cholesterol-lowering medication for you.

Upgrading your insurance plan to a more inclusive level could result in significant savings for a small additional monthly fee.

Start Saving on the Cost of Welchol Today

While Welchol is an important part of your healthcare regime, you also have other bills to pay. It makes sense to research and understand your choices before paying more than you need to.

When you use our online comparison tool, it’s easier than ever to get the medication you need at the best prices around.

You can trust us to provide you with the safest, most cost-effective solutions for your medical needs. We have the track record to prove it.

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