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What is TobraDex?

TobraDex is the brand name for a medication used to treat bacterial eye infections.

It’s called TobraDex because it is an amalgamation of two different medications. The first medicine, Tobramycin, is an antibiotic. This, as the name suggests, stops bacteria from growing in the eye. It is used to help clear up eye infections and stop them from spreading.

The second ingredient in the medication is dexamethasone. It is a steroid that works to reduce swelling and inflammation caused by infection.

TobraDex itself is made by Alcon, a retail company known for pharmaceuticals and supplies related to eye health.

What is TobraDex Used For?

Now that we’ve established what TobraDex is, let’s talk about what doctors prescribe it for.

Generally, TobraDex is a medication that is only used over the short-term. There may be very special instances where your doctor will tell you to take it over a longer period of time. This may be as a result of recurring bacterial infections or other issues.

Doctors do warn, however, that using TobraDex over a longer period of time that it is prescribed for can lead to issues including antibiotic resistance. Because of this, it is imperative that you only use it for as long as it is prescribed.

Mainly, you only take TobraDex when you have an acute eye infection. This includes conjunctivitis, otherwise known as pink eye. Therefore, if you have a child, they might be prescribed TobraDex at some point in their lives. And you might as well if you catch pink eye from them.

The medication both mitigates inflammation and helps stop the spread of infection. Therefore, it makes you more comfortable while fighting off the bacteria that infected your eye in the first place.

Are There Side Effects to the Medication?

Some users may experience discomfort, stinging, redness, swelling or itching. Your vision may appear blurry after taking the medicine or for a short period thereafter. If symptoms last for too long, you should contact your doctor and talk to them about the symptoms.

If you use the medication for longer than prescribed, it can cause a new fungal infection in your eye.

You can also cause problems and infections if you apply the medication to your eye inappropriately.

Most people tolerate the medication well, but you should, of course, notify your doctor if any previously unknown symptoms occur.

How Do I Use TobraDex?

Your doctor will tell you how many eye drops to put in your eye or eyes and how often.

But, there are some simple procedures you should follow.

If you wear contact lenses, you should throw them out immediately after being diagnosed. Do not replace your contact lenses until the infection has cleared. Doing so can result in yet another infection.

Always wash your hands before use and do not place your hands on the dropper, where the medication is dispensed.

Lean your head back and pull your lower eyelid down. Place the medication in your eye, as instructed by your doctor. Then, close your eye for two minutes before tilting your head forward again.

You may wish to have someone help you. If you have a young child, you will have to apply the ointment for him or her.

Do not wash the tip of the medication with water or wipe with a towel.

How Can I Negotiate the TobraDex Price?

As mentioned previously, TobraDex can be incredibly expensive. Yet, if you, or your child, has an eye infection, you must get the medication. Depending on your pharmacy, it can be up to $400 if you don’t have insurance.

In the next few sections, we’ll talk about strategies to get the price down to one your family can afford.

TobraDex: Take the Generic Form

One good way to get the medication price down quickly on any prescription is to ask your doctor for the generic version. TobraDex, as mentioned above, is a trading name of tobramycin/dexamethasone, and is owned by Alcon.

The generic version is available at most pharmacies.

Generic versions of pharmaceuticals are not less effective, despite popular misconception that they’re not as good as the brand name version. This simply isn’t the case.

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), brand name and generic forms of medication must have the same active ingredients.

If your eyes are particularly sensitive, your doctor may insist that you take the branded version. This is because the secondary compounds are not always the same in generic vs. brand name medication. Most people do not see a difference in the medication, however.

The generic version of a medication is always cheaper, as a rule of thumb. In some cases, it is exponentially cheaper.

Speak to Your Insurance

Is your insurance telling you that they won’t cover your TobraDex? Or are they giving you a really high co-pay for the medication? If so, speak to them about your need for the treatment.

Sometimes, insurance companies will relent and pay for items if they speak to you on the phone.

If they won’t compromise after speaking to you, consider having your doctor or a member of their staff speak to your insurance on the phone. Sometimes, they know what to say to persuade the insurance companies to cut you a deal and pay for more of the medication.

Tell Your Doctor

We all fall on hard times. And sometimes, even when times aren’t that difficult, we still can’t afford a $400 medication and still have food in our bellies.

Don’t be embarrassed to tell your doctor that you’re concerned about the price of TobraDex. Your doctor will not judge you for your inability to pay, especially since pharmaceutical prices can be outrageous. You’re likely not the only person that day who told your doctor you might have trouble paying for your medical care or prescription.

Your doctor may be able to give you some suggestions for what has worked for previous patients who were unable to afford medication. They may also know which boxes to tick on your insurance, or can possibly give you medication they have on hand given to them as a sample product.

While a doctor can’t necessarily work miracles, most are there to advocate for their patients. In the end, it is their goal, as well as yours, to restore your eyes to clarity and health.

Discuss Alternative Treatments

When we say alternative treatments, we don’t mean sleeping with onions on your feet or drinking apple cider vinegar to cure your eye infection.

Instead, you can speak to your doctor about other medications that might be able to help clear up the infection. Doctors typically prescribe the medication they think will work best for you best on your symptoms and history.

But, if you let them know that you may not be able to afford TobraDex, they may have an alternative prescription that is known to be cheaper.

If this is the case, you may be able to clear up your eye infection using a less expensive, but equally effective, brand of eye drops.

Get a Prescription Discount Card

Look online or speak to your doctor or their staff about prescription discount cards. There are several companies, both locally and nationally, that offer significant discounts to individuals who need medication. Often times, the discount cards can slash the medication price to a mere fraction of what it was.

Some discount cards have apps or websites attached to them. The will allow you to explore their website and check with pharmacies in your area. You can see a list of prices, and how much each pharmacy will charge you with your prescription card.

That way, you can get your item the same day it is prescribed, and save yourself a fat wad of cash.

Get Coupons

There are several ways to get coupons for prescription medications.

You can join online services that will give you prescription coupons. Sometimes, they will be redeemable for any type of medication in a variety of stores. Other times, they will only be available in one store or for one medication.

Like pharmacy discount cards, they can cut the price by a significant amount, if used correctly.

If you’re a coupon clipper, there is absolutely no excuse not to clip coupons for your medications as well!

Compare Prices

When you go shopping for a big ticket item, like a trip to Hawaii or a new computer, you probably compare prices. You might even stay up for several hours refreshing and trying to get the best deal.

But many of us don’t think to do this with medication. However, there are several sites, including ours, that can help you find the best price for TobraDex.

If you click here, you’ll be taken to a list of pharmacies where you can purchase TobraDex online. Compare and contrast the prices and shipping, the company’s reviews and whether they offer generic or brand name medication.

Once you’ve decided which one to purchase, you can have it shipped straight to your door without any hassle.

Buy Medication Online from Canada

Canada famously has a single-payer healthcare system. While it does cover most things for its citizens, one thing that isn’t covered is prescription medication. As a result, most Canadians have supplemental insurance.

But, because they have single payer insurance, the cost of the drugs isn’t pushed on the consumer. Therefore, their medication is a little bit more affordable. In some cases, it’s actually a lot more affordable.

As Canadians realize the rising price of medicine is an issue in the US, there are numerous pharmacies with online enterprises. They will ship your medication straight to your door.

However, before you pull the trigger on this, there are a few things to consider. The pharmacy you purchase from should be legit. While our neighbors to the north are a friendly bunch, there are still people out there willing to take advantage of those who want to buy cheap medication.

If you don’t take the time to look at reviews and the pharmacy’s qualification, you do run the risk of being taken for a ride, having your identity or being sent sugar pills. Though, in the case of TobraDex, you’d probably just be sent water in a dropper bottle.

All of the pharmacies we work with are vetted and certified, so you won’t have to worry about authenticity.

You should also read a few reviews.

Keep in mind that buying medication from Canada isn’t exactly legal, but it isn’t exactly illegal either. While most people don’t get prosecuted for it, you should be aware you’re taking a small risk in doing so.

Keeping Cost Down

While the TobraDex price is a little bit outrageous on its own, employing these strategies can help you mitigate the cost a little bit more. With a little bit of ingenuity, you’ll be able to afford your TobraDex in no time, and will be on your way to suburb eye health. And your little ones with pink eye will be back to school in a flash.

For more information about patient assistance programs that can help you afford your meds, click here.

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