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    In our interview series leading up to the Health 2.0 conference in March, we’ve talked with Scott Shreeve of Crossover Health , Ed Silverman of Pharmalot, and Fard Johnmar of HealthcareVox. Today we share our interview with Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, a health economist and management consultant who founded the Think-Health consultancy in 1992. She is author of the Health Populi blog and a member of the Health 2.0 conference advisory board. Q: In our interview with Scott Shreeve, he offered an expansive definition of Health 2.0. Matthew Holt’s definition has been narrower. What’s your definition of “Health 2.0”? A: The phrase “Health 2.0” has become somewhat loaded with marketing hype, even since the San Francisco conference. When it comes to defining…

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