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The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Metanx: Essential Tips

Do you suffer from diabetic peripheral neuropathy? If so, you know that managing your blood sugar is key to keeping your symptoms in check.

Yet, doing so is often easier said than done. As you seek to improve your diet’s glycemic impact, you may find relief through the aid of a prescription medication known as Metanx.

A medical food product specially designed to meet your unique nutritional needs and supply you with necessary vitamins, Metanx can be a lifesaver for those seeking to reduce the symptoms of their neuropathy.

Yet, it doesn’t come cheap. In fact, the average retail price of Metanx caps out at around $105. The good news? You can find Metanx for less, as long as you know where to look.

Today, we’re digging into a few ways to save money on your Metanx cost and reclaim your quality of life without draining your pocketbook.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

What is Metanx?

Metanx falls into the class of prescription drugs known as medical foods. In short, these are medications that are designed to be administered by a physician to help patients manage a disease associated with unique nutritional requirements.

Metanx is specially formatted to support those who suffer from diabetic peripheral neuropathy. This is a condition that occurs in persons with chronically high blood pressure or diabetes. It results in nerve damage that affects the feet, legs and hands of the patient.

Those affected may feel numbness, pain or a tingling sensation in any or all of these areas. Studies show that around 60% to 70% of diabetes sufferers will develop diabetic peripheral neuropathy in their lifetime.

This condition can be lessened or even prevented through a diet that keeps diabetic’s blood sugar as low as possible. In addition, medications including Metanx can help reduce symptoms and help sufferers maintain an active lifestyle.

Why It’s Prescribed

The numbness related to diabetic peripheral neuropathy is thought to be caused by reduced blood flow in the areas surrounding the small arteries. As this flow is blocked or slowed, essential nutrients, as well as oxygen, have a difficult time reaching peripheral nerves.

Researchers have determined that there are some vitamins that can help improve this blood flow, namely folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. These are the essential nutrients that comprise Metanx.

While a diet that aggressively seeks to lower a sufferer’s blood sugar is the primary route of treatment, one of the primary Metanx uses is as a supplement to aid in these efforts.

While it can be a viable resource, the price of Metanx often renders it inaccessible to those who need it the most. With a 30-capsule, one-month supply coming in at more than $100, paying for this medication can place a financial strain on those who require it for relief.

Ways to Save Money on Metanx

Thankfully, there are a few ways to save on Metanx. You don’t have to spend hours waiting on your traditional pharmacy to fill it, then present you with a sky-high bill. Now, there are myriad online resources available to help bring the price down.

Here are a few ways to save on your Metanx prescription today.

1.) Start With Our Online Search Tool

What if there were a website where you could enter the name of your prescription medication, then find it in its most cost-effective form? Thankfully, this resource exists and its available via our online pharmacy search tool.

With one click, you can access our database of licensed and verified Canadian pharmacies that sell the drug online. Often, these providers will have the medication you need for far less than the price you’ll pay at a traditional, brick-and-mortar pharmacy.

From within our tool, you can cost compare different options, read detailed product descriptions, access a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions, obtain coupon codes and more. You can also find various supply amounts, dosage strengths and other variations that can drive down your costs.

Find what you need and want to check out? It’s as easy as a few clicks, and you’ll have your medication waiting on your doorstep in a matter of days. No more driving to the pharmacy and standing in line, and no more overpaying.

Want proof? Compared to the $105 retail price of a 3/35/2mg supply of Metanx that includes only 30 pills, you can receive a 90-day supply of the same medication for only $189 via our online tool.

Staying Safe with Online Pharmacies

You can trust that our online Canadian pharmacies are reputable, as they are required to pass our stringent review and verification process before they can be added to our database.

To join our ranks, each pharmacy must meet our rigorous safety standards, require a user prescription, hold an up-to-date and verified license and have fail-safe customer security and privacy policies in place.

Yet, not every online pharmacy has such standards. As such, it’s important to thoroughly vet your resources before proceeding with a similar offering to ensure you’re not scammed in the process. Some pharmacies will sell counterfeit drugs that are ineffective or potentially dangerous just to get your business.

To eliminate that possibility and enjoy valuable peace of mind, visit our search tool first. That way, you know you’re looking only at high-quality providers who exceed the mark of authenticity.

2.) Apply a Metanx Coupon

What do you do when you want to save money at the grocery store or at your favorite online retailer? You search for and apply a coupon code, of course!

Did you know that you can use these same tactics to save even more on your Metanx prescription? Within the same pharmacy database, you can find even deeper discounts on our already-low prices.

The process is simple. Just go here to get started.

When you click the “Coupons” tab, you’ll see which pharmacies are currently offering a promotion on Metanx. Some might offer a percentage off your total order, while others might slash your price if you bundle and order two supplies at the same time.

Another route is to see if your doctor can offer any Metanx coupons when he or she prescribes you the medication. Often, healthcare professionals receive access to promotional savings that they can pass on to patients who know to ask for them.

You can also check with organizations such as the AARP. Through this program, members, along with their spouses and dependents, can enjoy lower prices on many prescriptions. It’s worth looking into, especially if your medication isn’t currently covered by your insurance plan.

3.) Try a Generic Version

Often, the generic form of a medication is just as effective as its more well-known, brand name alternative. To recognize even more savings on your prescriptions, going the generic route is often a great way to save without sacrificing quality.

Though there is not currently a Metanx generic version, you may be able to combine the generic L-Methylfolate calcium with supplemental vitamins B6 and B12 to achieve the same or similar effects.

If you decide to try this route, be sure to work and communicate with your doctor before changing up your existing prescription routine. Only your healthcare professional will know the exact amounts of each vitamin to take in tandem with the L-Methylfolate.

If you’re approved to go with the generic version, you could stand to enjoy even more savings. A 30-day supply of L-Methylfolate is available via our tool at less than $70.

Concerned that the generic form of Metanx won’t be as effective? Let us put your mind to rest. All generic medications are required to pass intensive testing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure they are up to par. They will have the same active ingredient, be available in the same doses, and be administered in the same way to avoid confusion.

That knowledge alone makes generic alternatives worth looking into, even if you’re not as familiar with them as the brand-name versions.

4.) Go With a 90-Day Supply

You know how much money you save when you buy in bulk at your favorite big-box store, right? Even if you don’t currently need as many rolls of paper towels as you throw into your cart, you know that the price per unit is lower and besides, you’ll go through them eventually!

The same often holds true with your prescription medication.

By opting for a 90-day supply over a standard 30-day one, you can often find the medication you need for less. Moreover, the package you receive will last you longer, which translates into less time spent on ordering a refill. It certainly beats trekking to your local pharmacy once a month!

Ask your doctor to write you a 90-day supply of Metanx. If you’re ordering your medication through your Medicare plan or your insurance program, ask about discounts for buying in bulk. Most mail-order pharmacies of this kind will offer discounts for supplies greater than 30 days. Of course, you can also access the same supplies with our online search tool!

5.) Ask Your Doctor about Samples

Not sure whether or not Metanx is right for you? Before you open your pocketbook and shell out any money, ask your doctor for a sample.

Often, pharmaceutical representatives will supply healthcare industry professionals with sample packets of medication in an effort to build sales and increase brand visibility. While these are often in smaller-scale packages, they offer a beneficial way to save on your medication in the short term.

This option is always worth checking into, and can at least save you on a one-month supply while you’re researching more about the drug and vetting your other savings options. It’s also the ideal way to see if you respond favorably to a new treatment.

6.) Check Your Drug Formulary List

Are you aware of which prescription medications your insurance plan currently covers? Turns out, what you don’t know can cost you.

To learn more, check out the drug formulary list included with your plan. This frequently updated list will inform you which drugs are at least partially paid for under your coverage.

Pro Tip: Check the co-payments and schedules carefully, as these will vary across plans. This means that one medication to help manage your diabetic peripheral neuropathy may come with a manageable co-pay while another could be through the roof.

To save as much as possible, be up-front and open with your doctor before beginning any prescription regimen. During this initial conversation, mention your concerns around pricing, though the subject may be sensitive. Often, your doctor can recommend other ways to save money on the medication, especially if it’s one that will be necessary to take for the long term.

Lower Your Metanx Cost Today

Now that you know how to lower your overall Metanx cost, are you ready to start saving? You know you need the drug to keep your diabetic peripheral neuropathy in check and ensure your blood flows properly, but you shouldn’t have to wipe out your monthly savings to get it.

That’s where we come in.

Before you head out to your local pharmacy, give our online comparison tool a try. Take a look at all of your options and understand how much you stand to save by using them.

For decades, our trusted directory has served as a resource to online pharmacies and the patients they serve and support. You can rest assured that our offerings are top-notch and designed to fit your unique needs — both medical and financial.

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