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Are you frustrated with short lashes? Do your short lashes make your eyes look tired or aged beyond their years?

You may be interested in trying Latisse. Latisse is one of the few proven methods around that offers the length and growth your looking for, however, it comes with a few drawbacks.

Latisse is available only by prescription. As you surely know, prescription medications often don’t come cheap. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Read on to learn more about how you can get the long and healthy lashes you want without breaking the bank.

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What is Latisse?

Latisse is a topical medication available by prescription and intended to help promote longer, fuller eyelashes. Marketed under the name Latisse, the medication itself is known as bimatoprost.

When your eyelashes are in a growing phase (and not in an annoying dormant state of growth) the still grow at only around a third of the rate of hair on your head.

Latisse was first introduced to the market in Allergen after ophthalmologists discovered it’s positive side effects. Ophthalmologists had previously prescribed bimatoprost as a mediation intended to treat glaucoma, they soon noticed that the medications increased eyelash growth in patients.

After more research was done, it was found that this mysterious medication could increase both the diameter or thickness of your lashes. Soon the medication would be released to the public to aid in the search for longer, fuller, and more youthful lashes.

While many medications can cause side effects, the ones experienced by these patients were anything but. Latisse is easy to apply and hands down the easiest treatments available.

So how does it work? Well, there’s little effort required for use. Latisse is applied once daily. Simply apply the serum to the top lashes before bed and continue use until you begin to see the youthful results you’ve been looking for.

While Latisse is only meant to be applied to the top lashes, you can expect some transfer to your lower lashes to occur. This will cause stimulation of growth in both the top and bottom lashes, with results beginning to occur within the first month.

Not a bad return on investment when you consider the little time required. While Latisse can be expensive when purchased in the states, eDrugSearch is a great place to begin your search for low-cost Latisse.

Because Latisse is rarely covered by insurance, eDrugSearch’s coupons and comparison shopping tools make it possible for you to afford the eyelash medication you desire.

Are you still on the fence and want to see the results for yourself?

Check out these Latisse before and after videos before you make the decision. There are dozens of high-quality videos available on YouTube documenting the use of this valuable prescription eyelash medication.

We think you’ll be just as impressed as we were with the results!

What Are the Risks Associated with Latisse?

Because few prescription medications are free of side effects, it’s important to know the risks associated with your medication before you begin use. Side effects of Latisse can include a change in eye structure, pigmentation, color, as well as other potential side effects.

Knowing your own risk factors can also help you decide if Latisse is right for you. For more on potential side effects of Latisse, always consult a doctor before beginning the use of any medication.

According to the official Latisse website, side effects can include redness of the eye, itchiness near the application area, and dryness of the eye.

Hyperpigmentation around the eyes is another potential side effect associated with Latisse. Hyperpigmentation in the iris is another potential side effect, however, while most of these side effects are likely to dissipate when use is discontinued, change in iris color is likely permanent.

Latisse is only meant to be used on the upper lashes, as it has still not been tested for use on the lower lashes. With regular use, it is likely that you will get some transfer to the lower lashes, however, it is important that you do not apply it directly to the lower lashes until more research is provided.

Some structural changes to the area around the eyes are also possible in association with the regular use of Latisse. This is due to the risk of atrophy to the fat in the area around the eyes.

It is important to discontinue use if you may suspect that you have an allergy to Latisse or one of its ingredients.

Always consult a doctor if you feel that you may be experiencing an allergy to Latisse or any other medication you may be taking.

How Can I Get Latisse While on a Budget?

If you’re looking to try Latisse, but suffering from sticker shock, we’re here to help. Many women who are looking to try Latisse decide against it because they can’t justify spending the money necessary for long, youthful lashes.

We’re here to help. Getting the look you deserve doesn’t have to break the bank.

You may not know that you can get your Latisse prescription from a licensed Canada pharmacy at Using a Canadian pharmacy can get you a savings of 50-90% without compromising on the quality of your eyelash growth medication.

That’s right. You can get the same high-quality Latisse prescription that you would receive from an American pharmacy for half the price (or less!). The best part? You won’t even have to worry that you’ve purchased a counterfeit product or one of inferior quality.

Without coupons, prescription Latisse can cost $140 or more. This is only for a 30 day supply and you can expect to only experience minimal results within this time.

For optimal results, you would need to spend just below $500. Most American households simply cannot afford such a large added monthly expense.

Fortunately, eDrugSearch is here to change all of that and bring you access to the prescription medication you need. If you are in a home that requires multiple medications, you’ll find that eDrugSearch offers multiple coupons.

This simple trick can save your family hundreds of dollars a month. Savings like these can make getting your monthly Latisse prescription far easier.

How to Order Your Own Low-Cost Latisse Prescription

Getting your hands on low-cost medication is easier than ever thanks to To get your hands on your own affordable Latisse supply, you can start your search by hunting for the latest eyelash medication coupons.

eDrugSearch offers a host of coupons that can help you save on your Latisse medication. They even offer a list of online retailers that can help you get the most for your money!

Another bonus? Using online pharmacies, like those who operate out of Canada, can help you find a lower starting cost.

Use the coupons you find on eDrugSearch to deduct even more from your final total. Your savings will inspire you to continue to put yourself first.

With a little research, you’ll discover that giving yourself the things you want doesn’t mean you have to be selfish. Good resources and a little creativity will show you that there’s always enough to go around (and you’re always worth it!).

Latisse: Beyond the Standard

Latisse can be helpful for cancer survivors who have endured chemotherapy as part of their cancer treatment. Prescription Latisse can help cancer survivors regain their healthy look by encouraging the regeneration of eyelashes.

Further proof that devoted Latisse users aren’t just using this prescription product for its typical use?

Hint: It’s not just for lashes anymore. In fact, some beauty gurus are getting another on-trend look thanks to this prescription medication.

Full bushy brows may be a trend, but using Latisse to create fuller brows is anything but. If you were ever guilty of over-tweezing your brows you may think that you’ve lost any chance to create a new natural brow shape.

It’s not too late! Creating a new brow shape is still an option for over-tweezers thanks to Latisse. To start growing new and healthy brow hairs, simply apply your Latisse to your brows.

The resulting effects can create a much more youthful look. How? This is because Latisse can help counteract the side effects of forehead botox.

If you love the smoothing effect you get from Botox, but don’t love the relaxed brows that can sometimes come along with your wrinkle-free look, you’re in luck.

Using Latisse can help you grow the brow hair necessary to revise your brow arch. If you’re devoted to Botox, you can lift your facial features and regain your youthful arch.

Latisse can also be helpful in creating Instagram ready, full brows, however, the desired effect is completely under your control. Remember, bushy brows aren’t grown overnight, so you’ll have every opportunity to reduce your application volume when you’re approaching your desired look.

Remember, Latisse will always be around for maintenance applications and touch ups once you’ve achieved the brows of your dreams!

Even More About Latisse:

If you’re interested in trying Latisse, you’re not alone.

While Latisse can be used to help cancer patients regain their lashes while in remission, they aren’t the only ones benefiting from non-traditional use of Latisse.

Latisse has also been shown to help regenerate hair lost in association with male pattern baldness. So if your husband or partner is showing the signs of male pattern baldness, hide your Latisse supply!

Let him know that getting his own low-cost Latisse prescription is safe and easy using

Why eDrugSearch?

While there are many places to shop online for valuable prescription discounts, eDrugSearch is simply the best. Why? Because with eDrugSearch comparison shopping is easy.

Our website allows you to view the price of your medication from a variety of different online pharmacies. Want to know just how little you can expect to pay when shopping online for Latisse? Prices for a 30 day supply begin at just $30 dollars.

Add to that our valuable online coupons and you can expect to pay the lowest prices available online for your prescription medication. Feel free to use our online search tool to look for yourself!

In addition to offering the lowest prices for eyelash growth medication, you can expect to find many of the other popular medications that you or your family members may require. Each medication that you search will provide you with unique prices.

These medications also come with consumer reviews. This information can help you decide what retailer is the best choice for you and what side effects or benefits you can expect from the prescription.

Have more questions? Visit our website for more information on just how you can get access to the affordable prescriptions you deserve. We’re here to help.

For more great articles, be sure to visit our blog or contact us with your questions about high quality, low-cost prescription solutions.

Our goal has always been to give our visitors the information and discounts they need to live their best life, so don’t delay in checking out our site for valuable discounts on prescription Latisse eyelash growth medication.

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