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So, your doctor’s prescribed you Humalog Kwikpen to control your diabetes?

While this medication might help you live your life and keep your diabetes under control, you’ve likely already discovered that the price is pretty outrageous.

Is there any alternative?

Luckily, there are a few things you can do in order to keep the Humalog Kwikpen cost down.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best strategies we’ve got to keep your medication affordable. You don’t have to suffer financially in order to be able to take medication you need.

Read on for more about saving your hard earned cash.

Why Does a Doctor Prescribe Humalog Kwikpen?

You most likely have received this prescription because of a diagnosis of Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Humalog Kwikpen is a type of insulin that helps control the illness.

A hallmark of diabetes is people’s bodies being unable to make a sufficient amount of insulin for the body to convert into energy. Insulin moves blood sugar or glucose through your body. This allows your body to continue to function normally.

Without the proper amount of glucose, you could face dire consequences, including death. Therefore, taking your Humalog Kwikpen, or helping your child do so, is imperative to keeping you happy and healthy.

How Do You Use Humalog Kwikpen?

Many new diabetics are wary about having to inject insulin into their body. But, after taking your insulin for a while, you’ll get used to it. Sticking your body with needles will ultimately become routine, and you won’t think much of it.

Your doctor will prescribe or tell you when to take a dose of insulin. However, it is important to monitor your progress so that your doctor knows the amount of insulin to prescribe you and if adjustments on your dosage is needed.

Each time you need your insulin, you will wipe the area off with alcohol. Then, you’ll inject the Kwikpen into the area. Most people inject insulin into their arm, stomach or thigh. Your doctor will speak to you about the best place to inject the medicine.

Some people will take insulin with a pump, and you can use Humalog Kwikpen with it. A pump is a device inserted into the skin permanently, which allows you to control your insulin levels without having to stick yourself with a needle. If you’re on a pump, your doctor will likely prescribe a special type of Humalog, which isn’t likely part of the Kwikpen system.

What Side Effects Are There?

As with any medication, there are some side effects that some people experience. As a diabetic, however, you can’t live without insulin, so you will need to take it no matter the unpleasantness of the side effects.

In some cases, your doctor can help mitigate any side effects with medication or by switching the brand.

Luckily, most people do not experience many side effects because it mimics a system of the body that would be in place if you did not have diabetes.

Serious side effects can be low potassium, which is often noted by weakness or muscle cramps. This can be a serious problem, and your doctor should know immediately if you experience these side effects.

Some people also experience low blood sugar when taking Humalog Kwikpen. Your doctor will go over the symptoms of low blood sugar, but it is typically controlled by ensuring you eat enough during the day and do not skip meals.

While some individuals with Type 2 diabetes are put on a diet to help them control their symptoms, you will still need to eat at regular intervals and consume enough calories for your body.

What is the Humalog Kwikpen Cost?

The cost of Humalog Kwikpen is hard for many people to swallow. That’s because in many cases, it’s over $400 for a one month dose. For people with insulin pumps taking Humalog, it can be even more expensive.

In the next few sections of this article, we’ll go over some of the ways you can save on Humalog, and ensure that you can afford your diabetes medication.

Get Humalog Kwikpen Generic

Humalog Kwikpen is a brand name medication. The same medicine, Insulin Lispro, exists in a generic form.

Generic medication, as regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, must have the exact same active compounds as its brand name counterpart.

For most people, if they can tolerate the brand name medication, they can also tolerate it in its generic form. In rare instances, people will be sensitive to its secondary ingredients. If this is the case, your doctor may insist that you take the brand name version.

But, in most cases, the generic version is a lot cheaper than the brand name one. It’s like paying less for a pair of shoes from a big chain store with a no-name brand versus paying for a pair of Nikes. They function the same way, one just looks a little bit different from the other.

Speak to Your Doctor

Any doctor who deals with patients with diabetes will know that many of them struggle to afford to pay for their insulin. In fact, in 2017, a young man by the name of Alec Smith passed away because he could not afford his $450 a month insulin dose used to help control his diabetes.

Stories like this are outrageous, but unfortunately, not surprising.

Your doctor may be able to brainstorm ways for you to save money on the Humalog Kwikpen. He may be able to point you to patient resources or programs that help people with diabetes afford their medication.

Go on Disability or Medicaid

Going on disability isn’t most people’s goal. But, if you truly can’t afford your insulin, it may be time to look at this as a solution for you.

If your job can’t give you insurance to cover your diabetes medication, or you’re working freelance or another type of job without insurance, this could be a way to help you pay for your medicine.

Speak to your doctor about the process of going on disability, or Medicaid if you’re over the age of 65. There may also be a diabetes educator on staff at the local hospital who can help you look into disability as an option for people with diabetes.

Some people find the process frustrating, but many people ultimately end up getting the benefits they need. This can ensure that you’re guaranteed to be able to afford your insulin, instead of struggling to pay for it.

Speak to Your Employer

If you get insurance through your employer and it isn’t covering your Humalog, or it’s not covering enough of the cost, speak to your boss about your healthcare plan.

Most people have some choice and a little bit of flexibility when it comes to their healthcare plans through their work. You can discuss what your options are and what you can afford to pay.

For many people, this is a preferable option to going on disability, especially if they are otherwise healthy. Kwikpen, especially for younger individuals with Type 1 diabetes, is supposed to help you live your life to its fullest, not hinder it.

Therefore, going over all of your options is a good bet.

Speak to Other Patients with Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you’re likely to know other people who have it as well. You can speak to them about what type of insulin they use, and any tips and tricks they have to save money. You can take these to your doctor, or speak to your pharmacist about the suggestions you’ve been given.

If you don’t know anyone in person who has diabetes, you can connect to people via Facebook or other social media networks. Don’t be afraid to candidly ask other people how they afford Humalog every month.

As everyone in the group likely has diabetes and is trying to make it work, they’ll probably be ready to come to your aid and help you figure out how you can afford your medicine.

For those who are a bit on the shy side, consider browsing through online groups or Facebook groups about diabetes. You can use the keyword “Humalog” to see what other people are saying about it. You’ll more than likely find people talking about how they afford it, or other insulin brands. This can help you brainstorm and strategize about your own finances and ability to afford the medication.

Compare Humalog Kwikpen Prices

Did you know you can comparison shop for diabetes medication the way you would for shoes or a new laptop? Yup, it’s a thing!

Our website gives you a list of different prices for Humalog Kwikpen from pharmacies in Canada. We’ll get to ordering from Canadian pharmacies later in the article.

You can also purchase the medication on pharmacy websites in the United States with a valid prescription. Or, you can look at the different prices that pharmacies will charge by comparing the cost.

Get a Humalog Kwikpen Coupon

If you don’t have insurance, you may be eligible for a discount card. You can ask your doctor or their staff about one, as they most likely are already aware of it.

With these discount cards, you can get up to 90% off of the regular price of Humalog, depending on how much each pharmacy is willing to discount.

You typically don’t have to pay anything to join. And many of them come with apps or access to websites that allow you to comparison shop for your Humalog.

This means you won’t have to worry about going from shop to shop to find the best deal. And, you can get your Humalog the same day, canceling out the waiting for a script to come in the mail.

Order It Online from a Canadian Pharmacy

Canada famously has a single-payer healthcare system. While it doesn’t cover prescriptions, the cost of the prescriptions themselves isn’t pushed onto the patient. Because of that, they can offer drugs at a must cheaper price point.

There are many Canadian pharmacies with great reviews that will ship you your medication direct. You can just go to our site’s Humalog Kwikpen site that compares the cost of the medication and select the pharmacy you’d like to order from.

All of the pharmacies we use are fully certified and legal. This takes out the guesswork of wondering if you’re ordering from a company that will send you fake medicine or simply steal your identity.

Is It Legal?

Technically, ordering medication from Canada into the United States is not legal. But, there is an exception for medication that you need in order to survive. As Humalog falls under that category, the risk you take in ordering Canadian medication is minimal.

If ordering Humalog from Canada is the only way you can get your insulin, the government will not confiscate it or cite you if they catch you.

Because of this, ordering from Canada is a perfectly safe and cost-effective method of getting cheaper medicine.

Saving Money on Humalog Kwikpen

Any way you slice it, the Humalog Kwikpen cost is pretty steep, even if you have a discount or insurance. Luckily, even though drug companies charge such sky-high prices, you can still find ways to keep them within the realm of affordable.

You shouldn’t have to struggle to pay for the medication you genuinely need. That’s why we’re here to help.

Click here to read more about some patient assistance programs that can help you keep the price of your Humalog down if these tips don’t suffice.

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