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epipen coupon, compare epipen prices, epipen costLooking to reduce your EpiPen costs? Chances are, you know all about the benefits of using an EpiPen. The lowest price for Epipen (epinephrine) 0.3 mg is $120.00 per syringe for 1 syringe. Millions of people have relied on this medication over the years. Despite the EpiPen cost, it’s one of the few medications that helps some people deal with allergic reactions to insect stings, certain foods, and drugs.

What makes an EpiPen (also known by the generic name Epinephrine) so valuable is that it acts quickly. In a matter of seconds, a person will notice improved breathing, Lower blood pressure, swelling reduction and more. It allows a person to control a situation when they might otherwise feel extremely vulnerable.

Since an EpiPen is so powerful, it comes at a pretty high price. Some EpiPen coupon opportunities are floating around in the United States, but the best place to find consistent value is to shop several pharmacies in Canada. Simply click the “Coupon” tab to copy and paste a coupon of your desired savings. Doing this during your checkout process will save you even more, instantly! On eDrugSearch.com, we allow people to compare EpiPen prices, while we negotiate the best EpiPen coupons so you can get the best value. Don’t be caught without an emergency allergy solution!

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What Is An Epipen And Who Uses Them?

Much like Kleenex, Coke, or Apple, Epipen is the brand name of a device. In the industry, it’s referred to almost exclusively by this name, although its proper name is injectable epinephrine. What this device does is to deliver the lifesaving drug epinephrine into the bloodstream of the people who need it.

It’s a medication that is usually used occasionally, much like heartburn medication, but will save your life in an emergency. This medication is administered when someone is experiencing anaphylaxis. This is an acute allergic reaction to specific antigens and helps fight off a hypersensitive reaction that could cause death.

The device is auto-injectable and easy to use, allowing for fast, no-mistakes injections in an emergency. It’s also lightweight and easy to store, making it an easy addition to any emergency kit. As a medication, this acts on the whole body, systematically shutting down the allergic response before it can become too severe.

How it works is quite simple. The medication constricts blood vessels, increasing the patient’s blood pressure to decrease swelling. Relaxing the muscles in your airways, the drug opens up your lungs for better breathing during an allergic reaction.

As a final note on the question “what is EpiPen and why do I need it?”, they stop further chemicals from releasing into the bloodstream. As a result, these devices slow down the reaction as it progresses. This multi-system medication works throughout the entire body, easing the effects of anaphylaxis.

But, with a lack of competition in this particular market, it might seem like there’s little other option than to pay the full price. Right?

So Cost Is An Issue. Are There Other Options?

EpiPen, as we’ve covered, is the generic name for an Epinephrine delivery system. Which, by process of elimination, means that there must be generic options available, as with all other drugs.

This is great news, as generic medication typically offers the same efficacy as name brand medicine but at a much lower price. One of the best options for cutting costs is to switch devices to a generic version of the EpiPen.

In 2016 Mylan, EpiPen’s manufacturer announced a generic that was identical to their existing product. As with all major generic brands, it would be just as effective as the label product, but with a reduced price tag.

How reduced? With a wholesale price of $300 per unit, which comprised packs of two, compared to $600 for a single EpiPen, it’s safe to say quite a bit.

But be warned, if you do consider switching devices, make sure you’re up to date on how the administration is different. These devices are designed to be used in high-stress emergency situations and should be used within a matter of minutes to be effective.

Read up on how to use your particular pen and make sure you have it memorized. Generic epinephrine devices will have two separate caps to pull instead of the standard one. This difference can lead to dangerous errors.

Remember that these devices are safe because they use a finely-calibrated EpiPen dose, designed for fast delivery. Administering epinephrine in this way provides the perfect dose via intramuscular injection.

If you are considering a separate EpiPen needle with ampules as a cost-cutting alternative, be warned. This is not the recommended option for average users, and should only be used by trained medical personnel. This goes double for children.

EpiPen Coupons and Discounts

EpiPens are a lifesaving device, and we tend to look at them as some sort of high-end commodity to be treated like gold. Keep in mind, however, that these are consumables, and can be bought (with a prescription) like any lozenge or flu shot.

Which means space for EpiPen coupons. This is why it’s important to do your research when considering cost-cutting options for Epi devices. With a little searching, you can find coupons for generic EpiPen devices from medical websites and online magazines.

Much like buying a loaf of bread with a coupon from WalMart, this can save you a lot of money, especially because if you buy these regularly. In this same vein, you can also apply various savings cards during your purchase. Major producers, like Mylan, offer savings cards for buyers, sometimes offering up to $300 off per two-pack unit.

And the great thing is, these savings apply whether you’re paying full price or it’s covered by insurance. Visit Mylan’s website for one of these savings cards, as an effective way to bring down your overall costs.

But keep one thing in mind: there are certain exceptions which may apply to a savings card like this. If you are covered by a state insurance plan, for instance, you won’t be eligible for one of these cards. Conversely, it’s also not available to buyers with no form of insurance at all.

EpiPen’s Patient Assistance Program

When it comes to medications, one of the biggest shames of the industry is that people often don’t know how many options they really have. Medical manufacturers are as aware of how their prices affect the man on the street as anyone else. They’ll often provide pricing and assistance to help buyers make up for these costs, both as a kindness and a way to stay profitable.

Take the EpiPen Patient Assistance Program, for instance. If the combined income in your family-of-four household does not exceed $97,200 and you have no prescription drug coverage, you may be eligible. The plan offers free EpiPens, to keep you healthy at absolutely zero cost to you.

You’ll want to keep in mind, however, that the application process can take up to several weeks to go through. Plan your intervening medication according.

Shop Around to Reduce Your EpiPen Costs

Of course, because epinephrine is a commodity, you can always take to the streets and go shopping. Different pharmacies will charge different prices for EpiPens and generics. And there are always better-rated pharmacies to choose from.

Don’t take the price your pharmacy gives you as a rule. Different vendors will run their prices differently, depending on various factors. What one pharmacy charges will be different to what you’ll get at a store the next neighborhood over.

Make a few calls and find out what your specific cost is going to be. Use search engines to find comparison deals and find the lowest price around. You might surprise yourself at what’s out there.


This is a murky environment to go shopping in, but the truth is there are some great deals out there if you do your homework ahead of time. Using a mail-order provider can ensure a cheaper price, provided you make sure of two things:

  • that the company you order from operates legitimately
  • that the company is based in your actual country

It’s important to ask around and make sure they are above board before buying from a mail-order supplier. That said, reputable companies do exist, and ordering by mail can be cheaper if you make sure of who you are dealing with.

A Different Insurance Plan

Nobody wants to go through all the hassle of changing their insurance plan, especially if they’ve been with them for some time. Which is why this is considered a “last-ditch” option.

However, if you find yourself regularly having to deal with the high cost of EpiPen purchases, and with no other option, a change may be in order. Switching to a new medical plan may help to mitigate or eliminate the cost issue entirely. Call your insurance provider and make the situation clear to them for a no-mess switch.

Reaching Out

Going through the pain and embarrassment of financial troubles while you’re sick can be a lot for someone to handle on their own. Even more so, it can actually cloud your judgment, making it more difficult to make good decisions or find a smart way out.

It might be hard for some to hear, but it’s always better to ask for help.

Ask A Professional

Who better to ask than your doctor when you need assistance with your medication? We often overlook the doctor’s office when it comes medication, but they have specialist information.

In the case of children, a local children’s hospital may also be of huge help in finding better prices.

Ask Your Employer

Regardless of where you work, it’s important for most companies to keep their employees healthy. Approach your employer about your medical problems. They may be willing to contribute or help if your insurance isn’t covering it.

Find Out About Direct Orders

To the man on the street, the idea of buying directly from the company like some sort of wholesaler might never occur. In certain cases, however, this is actually much cheaper than buying from a local pharmacy, and you’d be surprised at your buying power.

Consider buying direct in order to cut out distributors and pharmacies and lower your overall costs.

Safety First

Getting a better deal on an EpiPen or generic Adrenaclick is only the first step. There are more options for the budget-conscious buyer than you might realize, but you have to keep one eye on the safety of your product at all times.

In an effort to save money, you may be tempted to cut certain corners with the use and disposal of your delivery system. This starts with the expiration date.

No matter the cost, these devices typically expire after anywhere between 12 and 18 months. You’ll want to replace your injector well ahead of that date in order for it to remain effective.

Epinephrine deteriorates, much the same as any standard medication. If your injector has expired, it may be less effective in an emergency. If worse comes to worst, it may not work at all when you need it the most.

While we hesitate to give you the wrong impression, in an emergency it’s probably better to use an expired auto-injector than nothing at all. Opinions on this are varied, however, and there is no conclusive data in either direction. Studies have shown that injectors up to two years past expiration can carry 90 percent of their initial dose, but your mileage may differ.

What we can say with certainty is that, if your medicine has changed from colorless to pink, brown, or cloudy, it’s officially decayed. The presence of solid particles or discoloration means it’s likely ineffective. In this case, you absolutely should not use it.

EpiPen Use: By The Numbers

EpiPens are an important medical device, used in homes and hospitals across the country to treat anaphylaxis. In 2015, an estimated 3.6 million Americans were prescribed EpiPens, at a price of around $600 out of pocket per purchase.

For a medical item that saves lives, this can be a serious problem for the man on the street. With their single-use design, this is a “one-and-done” brand of medical treatment. With the high cost of each unit, a person using a full-price Epipen may be tempted to think twice before injecting themselves in an emergency. And that could prove fatal.

But there is hope. With the use of in-store discounts, direct-buy prices, and financial aid plans, it’s possible to get your hands on this device at a reduced price. If you play your cards right, you may even be able to source them for free.

What it comes down to is that you need to research your options before committing to the full-price product. And always keep in mind that your health has to come before anything else.

Looking for more comparative shopping insights EpiPen use and other pharmaceuticals? Check out our amazing blog content, or search our exhaustive databases today for all the information you could ever need. Compare prices and get a free Epipen coupon from a licensed Canada pharmacy for 50-90% off your next purchase!

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