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The medication price range for Claritin is $2.50 - $1.05 per pill from safe and licensed Canadian pharmacies. Before you purchase Claritin, be sure to use to freely compare Claritin prices and find the lowest cost from verified online pharmacies below.

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PricePro Canadian Pharmacy verified online pharmacy For $9.95 Ships Worldwide from Canada, India, NZ, Singapore, Turkey, and UK. 80 tabs $94.00 $1.18 BUY NOW
PricePro Canadian Pharmacy verified online pharmacy For $9.95 Ships Worldwide from Canada, India, NZ, Singapore, Turkey, and UK. 20 tabs $50.00 $2.50 BUY NOW
PricePro Canadian Pharmacy verified online pharmacy For $9.95 Ships Worldwide from Canada, India, NZ, Singapore, Turkey, and UK. 100 tabs $105.00 $1.05 BUY NOW
PricePro Canadian Pharmacy verified online pharmacy For $9.95 Ships Worldwide from Canada, India, NZ, Singapore, Turkey, and UK. 60 tabs $75.00 $1.25 BUY NOW
PricePro Canadian Pharmacy verified online pharmacy For $9.95 Ships Worldwide from Canada, India, NZ, Singapore, Turkey, and UK. 40 tabs $60.00 $1.50 BUY NOW

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eDrugSearch launched in January 2007 as a specialized drug search engine for Americans interested in purchasing safe, low-cost prescription drugs from licensed Canadian pharmacies. With more than 50,000 drug listings, eDrugSearch brings together licensed and accredited pharmacies from around the world in one comprehensive, easy-to-use price comparison database.

More than 65 million Americans – nearly one-fourth of the U.S. population, including millions of seniors live without prescription drug insurance today. While many are interested in Canadian or other international online pharmacies as a means of saving money on their prescriptions, they are often concerned about whether they can trust the quality and safety of the prescription medications they find online.

eDrugSearch addresses these concerns by only accepting pharmacies in its database that pass a rigorous prescreening process – including proof of home-country, government licensing, and third-party accreditations.

In addition to its emphasis on safety, eDrugSearch offers up-to-the-minute price search, detailed drug information, and other features that make it the most advanced search engine for online prescription medication shoppers.’s search features enable members to identify pharmacies with specific licensing requirements, third-party accreditations, Better Business Bureau memberships, and more.

eDrugSearch President Cary Byrd describes the site’s mission this way:

“U.S. consumers who want access to prescription drugs at fair, affordable prices have long had the odds stacked against them. We started eDrugSearch to level the playing field, giving consumers a safe way to find low-cost drugs from Canadian and other non-U.S. pharmacies.”

“Now, by creating the, we are moving beyond specialized search to enable our members to share information about their experiences, both with medications and online pharmacies. Our Health 2.0 website will empower members to make better decisions for themselves and for their families.”

Is it safe to buy prescription drugs online?

Yes, if you know what to ask and look for in a licensed online pharmacy. If you’re not sure the best and easiest way to stay safe is to always use to find the lowest drug prices before purchasing your prescription drugs online. We go above and beyond what any consumer could ever do to ensure your safety and easy access to affordable medications.

We believe safety should be a customer’s top priority when purchasing pharmaceuticals over the internet. Here are a few things you need to expect from every online pharmacy (much like your neighborhood pharmacy) before purchasing your medications:

  • Make sure that you are buying products from a licensed pharmacy; a legit pharmacy will have their licensed  number displayed on their website.
  • Verify that the online pharmacy has an actual and legal physical address.
  • Make sure that the pharmacy employees a licensed pharmacist that oversees all orders.
  • Verify that the online pharmacy sells pharmaceuticals received from know drug manufacturers.
  • Pay attention to whether the online pharmacy asks for a copy of your prescription. A legitimate pharmacy will always require you to provide them with a copy of the original signed prescription from your doctor.

How does an Rx coupon work?

The rx coupons are a great way to save even more than the listed prices that are displayed within our drug price result pages.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you by negotiating exclusive rx coupons with all our partner online pharmacies so that when you’re ready to check out, you will save even more money, instantly!

After you type in your drug name and search and find the prescription drug you are looking for, click on the “Coupons” tab (see screenshot) and then click the green “GET COUPON” button to activate a pop-up.

After the pop-up appears, simply copy the large rx coupon code that appears and click the link to be re-directed to the online pharmacy so you can easily add your medication to your cart and redeem your rx coupon.

That’s it, easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Why are prescription drugs less expensive online?

The main cause of high drug prices is due to price fixing and government control. Prescription drugs are typically 50-90% less expensive online because customers have access to drug markets outside of the United States.

Other countries have wholesale pricing for medications, but in America, the government isn’t allowed to negotiate for lower prices under Medicaid and Medicare. It’s clear the Big pharmaceutical companies prefer this predatory business model to ensure more profits.

Do online pharmacies deal with insurance companies?

Ultimately it is up to your insurance provider.

Most insurance companies DO NOT deal with online pharmacies because the medications are imported – which means you will have to pay out-of-pocket. Our service is really geared towards people who are uninsured or underinsured.

Having said that, the online pharmacies can provide an itemized statement that you can submit to your insurance provider and they may reimburse you but that is entirely up to your insurance provider.

I would call your insurance and ask them if they would cover your medication costs, if you provided them the itemized statement for all your out-of-pocket prescription drug expenses.

Do you need a Doctor's prescription to place an order?

Yes, you will need to provide an original copy of your signed doctor’s prescription to the online pharmacy when you decide to order from them.

You can either fax it to them or scan it or send it electronically via email.

After the order is complete you should receive your medications within approximately 15 days.

If you purchase medications from an online pharmacy that does not require an original prescription you may be putting yourself at risk.

Is it legal to order medications online for personal use?

The U.S. government usually does not stop individuals from ordering medications online for their own personal use as long as . . .

  1. You don’t order an controlled substances or schedule IV drugs
  2. You limit your order to a three-month supply
  3. You provide an original prescription.

However, it is technically not legal but according to the FDA no one has ever been prosecuted for personally importing their medications using the guidelines above.

Watch the short video below to see Marcia Crosse, PhD — the director for the Health Care Team at the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) — explain the FDA’s personal drug importation policies:

As of October 2006, U.S. Customs officers suspended their policy of seizing packages of prescription drugs from Canada in the mail and at border crossings. And at least half a dozen state governments, including those in Wisconsin and Illinois, have set up programs to help residents order drugs from Canada and abroad.

Can I alter my pharmacy's information after registration?

Yes. Once you log in to the site, you can visit the “Account Information” link on the left side to view and modify pharmacy information such as shipping options, selection of prescriptions, and status with certifying organizations.

How do I send my prescription to a licensed online pharmacy?

Before a licensed online pharmacy can ship your medications they will ask you to send a copy of your prescription by either mail, email (using a scanner) or by fax.

Once your prescription is received by the online pharmacy they will then fill your order and ship your medications.

How can I make sure not to buy counterfeit medications online?

Here are some simple steps you need to take in order to ensure your safety by not buying fake or counterfeit medications online:

  1. Make sure you verify that you are doing business with an accredited and properly licensed online pharmacy.
  2. They also need adhere to these online pharmacy safety requirements.
  3. Read our handy consumer guide How to Spot A Fake Online Pharmacy.
  4. The easiest way to stay safe is to only order medications from’s “Tried & True” online pharmacy directory. We have an established relationship with all the online pharmacies within our directory and have worked with most of them for almost a decade now.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor to buy medicine online?

Yes. All properly licensed and reputable online pharmacies located within the eDrugSearch online pharmacy directory will require a copy of your written prescription signed by your doctor in order to buy medications online.

Should I tell my doctor if I plan to order my medications online?

Yes, you should always consult your doctor about any decisions or changes about your health; which may include ordering your prescription medications online if you decide to do so.

How do I reorder medications after my first order has been filled?

The process is nearly the same if you are placing a reorder with the same pharmacy or a new one. If you are using the same pharmacy to reorder medications you just need to call up the pharmacy you purchased your medications from and they will look up your account.

Then you will be required to fax your prescription again. However, they can usually call your doctor and ask them to do it for you, as a convenience to you.

If you’re a new customer, you would just need to create a new account and repeat the process mentioned above.

*We suggest ordering a 90-day supply for even lower costs and so you you don’t have to have your original prescription faxed each month.

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$60.00 Get $15 Off Your First Order with Coupon Code EDRUG15. Minimum Order Value of $50.00. GET COUPON
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$50.00 Get $15 Off Your First Order with Coupon Code EDRUG15. Minimum Order Value of $50.00. GET COUPON
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