Drug side effects are becoming more deadly; spread the word

According to the reports side effects from medications nearly tripled from 1998 to 2005, per an analysis of new drug data. The number of deaths and serious injuries from prescription and over-the-counter drugs has risen from 34,966 to 89,842 during the period; the number of deaths from prescription drugs rose from 5,519 to 15,107.

These facts are truly revolting — which means maybe it’s time to revolt! Here’s an idea for fighting back provided by U.S.PIRG.

When companies don’t tell us the whole truth about the clinical studies they conduct, doctors and patients are left in the dark about a drug’s risks. Please write a letter to the editor and urge drug companies to tell us the whole truth about the side effects of their drugs.

Keys to writing an effective letter include:

* Respond to a recent news story if possible.
* Explain how this issue affects you personally.
* Make one clear point and stick to it.
* Most letters need to be 200 words or less.
* Make sure to include your name, address and hometown with any submission, and follow up with a phone call if you can.

You can submit your letter quickly and easily by using U.S.PIRG’s online form.

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Not to play devil’s advocate, but if something is a drug, it has a side effect. The severity of these side effects varies from med to med.

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