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Compare Drug Prices and Save!

Out of all the necessary expenses in life, prescription drugs are often highest on the list. Too often, individuals find themselves facing uncertainty as they question how they will pay for their prescription medications and still cover other bills as well. By comparing prices between U.S. and international pharmacies, you can rest assured that you are getting the best deal on your drugs. Our price checking technology makes it simple for you to find the lowest prices and save the most money.

How to Save Money by Comparing Drug Prices

Through our online comparison database, we make it easy to check up on the prices of thousands of medications from verified and licensed  Canadian pharmacies. You start by searching for the drug that you have been prescribed along with the strength of the medication. Once you’ve entered your information, our technology will compare prices and offer a layout that shows costs based on the pill itself or the total payment. From there, you can click on the logo of a specific pharmacy to be directed on to their website. Once you’ve reached their website, you can make your purchase over the internet.

Browse drugs from A to Z

Browse prescription and over-the-counter medications from A to Z, compare drug prices, and start saving.

5 Steps to Compare Drug Prices From Verified Online Pharmacies

  1. Type in your drug in the main search box above.
  2. Select the proper drug dosage or strength.
  3. Compare prices by pill or total cost.
  4. Click the pharmacy’s logo or the “Buy Now” button to safely purchase your medication.
  5. Buy your medicine from a prescreened and verified online pharmacy.
*You can also click here to find drug prices by diseases and common health conditions

How Much Can I Really Save?

When you choose to compare prices between U.S. pharmacies and those located in other countries, you can expect to save as much as 97% on your prescription medications. Premarin is one expensive drug that costs $6.72 in the United States but can be purchased through a United Kingdom pharmacy for as little as $0.18 per pill. Some medications such as Enbrel cost individuals as much as $5,000 when purchased from a local United States pharmacy but can be bought through a Canadian pharmacy for as little as $1,720. These savings give individuals the opportunity to receive their medications without going bankrupt in the process.

Here’s an example of some amazing savings on popular brand-name medications using online pharmacies prices for a 3-month (90-day supply).

Save Money with Generic Brands

Often, pharmaceutical companies choose to sell the same medications but under different names. Some of these generic versions can be purchased in the United States, while others are only offered to different countries. Our price comparison tool takes into consideration the different generic versions to offer the lowest prices available.

Purchase from Safe Pharmacies

Buying medicine online can be a scary process since many individuals are leery of rogue pharmacies that do little to protect their health. Our online price comparison tool works to avoid these scam websites and instead focuses only on international pharmacies that are trust-worthy and sell legally-manufactured medications.

Checking Patient Assistance Programs

Since some people are uncertain about buying out-of-countries medications, we are also proud to offer a wealth of resources designed to assist patients with the costs of prescription medications. You can also fill out prescription assistance forms, contact helplines for additional medication-specific information and learn how to get prescription financial assistance and or free prescriptions to lower your costs considerably.

Saving More with Instant RX Coupons

eDrugSearch.com has negotiated additional savings that won’t require you to click any coupons or mail in any rebates. All you have to do is click the button and copy the code! This takes less then a minute to redeem and save!

To take advantage of eDrugSearch.com’s free online pharmacy coupons…

  1. Simply type in your medication name in the main search box above and hit the search or enter button on your keyboard.
  2. This will take you to the “price comparison” page for your medication. Next scroll down and click on the “Coupons” tab. From there you can see all the coupons that are available for additional savings at the checkout page.
  3. Finally just click on the “Get Coupon” button to copy the coupon code and then paste it in the coupon box during your checkout. It doesn’t get any easier than that to “Spend less and save more“.

We Help Level The Playing Field

You shouldn’t have to choose between covering your bills and paying for your much-needed medications! We help you to do both by offering you the greatest savings on prescription drugs. Use our website to compare prices, redeem coupons for additional savings, and order the medicines that you need at a fraction of the usual cost.

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