Doctors trust drug reps about as far as they can throw them

PharmaGossip posted today about a Which? survey of 200 UK general practitioners that collected data on the frequency of promotional contacts and mailings they received.

The BBC and PharmaTimes have both carried this story. The survey found that, on average, the sample group could expect 4 representative visits per month and five mailings per week. One respondent revealed that, in one month, they received nine visits, 34 mailings and were also invited to attend several conferences or meals.

It was also apparent that the respondents did not trust the information they received with only 7% reporting that they trust the information as much as they trust independent sources. Additionally, almost half (48%) of respondents agreed that more trusted independent sources are needed.

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Nice website.

An overview of recent developments in molecular nutrition may also be helpful, especially in light of its effects on the pharma industry.

For example, did you know that scientists have recently shown that a diet rich in broccoli and tomatoes is more effective against prostate cancer than a leading drug for p cancer marketed by Merck?




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