Do I have a chip on my shoulder? Maybe a little bit…

The Texas Startup Blog was kind enough to run a post by me on what it’s like to be a Health 2.0 startup from South Texas. Here’s an excerpt:

“I live in Spring Branch, Texas — not Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley or even Austin. I don’t particularly like small talk, about Web 2.0 or anything else. I haven’t prepared a PowerPoint deck full of made-up numbers showing my company’s path to $100 million in three years. I’ve self-funded my company rather than seeking VC funding — which means I don’t have to play the BS game and, more importantly, can build my business without interference.

“The result of all this is that, to some people, my startup and I are not part of their club. That’s OK, though. We’re winning anyway.”

Check the rest of it out here. And also check out this story on eDrugSearch by BizReport.

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