The Ultimate Guide to Gout Medications

gout medicationsGout is an exceptionally painful type of arthritis that affects about 3.9% of the adult population in the United States and continues to rise. The ailment is specifically observed to attack elderly people.

It is the most painful type of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis and gout have very similar symptoms.

As such, treating gout should be carefully taken to avoid cases of misdiagnosis. We created this guide to give insights about Gout medications.

Symptoms and Signs

Severe painful attacks in joints characterize gout. They may appear red and swollen. The joints also become tender.

A gout attack includes sharp pains that often wake you up in the middle of the night. Affected joints may look red and swollen.

The weight of the sheet alone may be intolerable in such moments. This intense joint pain can last up to eight hours. It may be a sign that gout is on the way.

So What Really Causes Gout?

gout medicineThis painful disease is mainly caused by hyperuricemia. Hyperuricemia is a medical term that refers to the presence of high levels of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid is a result of metabolizes in the body.

It sometimes gets to considerably high levels and thus leading to gout.

Firstly, the body may create a lot of uric acids. Consequently, the body is thus unable to handle the excessive amount. There are also instances where kidneys are unable to absorb the normal levels of uric acid in the body.

Excessive uric acid crystallizes in the joints. Acute attacks may occur. It is an incredible form of pain.

Gout is a lifestyle disease that is majorly caused by increased intake of foods with high uric acid compositions.

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Instances of kidney malfunctions causing gout are also common. This means that your kidneys fail in their function to absorb uric acid from the blood.

There are basically a lot of dynamics around the causative agents of this painful disease. Notably, gout has more preference to attack the elderly as compared to younger people.

Sources of Uric Acid

Well, not all foods are good. Some cause gout.

Which are the foods that cause gout? Foods that have high concentrations of purines cause this ailment.

Such foods may include your favorite roast meat, organ meat such as liver and tongue amongst others. Surprisingly, we all love this type of meat. Game meat also tops the list in terms of purine levels.

Notably, different foods containing purines affect individuals differently.

This means that some people simply can’t take beef or they will have an acute attack. Here are some Gout causing foods:

  • Trout
  • Bacon
  • Goose
  • Rabbit
  • Salmon
  • Chicken
  • Beef – Organs

The foods mentioned above may cause gout if consumed in large quantities. They are also not viable for individuals already suffering from gout.

Gout Medicine

gout medicineSometimes, getting a fairly priced diagnose center for gout is hectic. This is partially due to the cost of drugs administered.

There are also a number of tests conducted from time to time for the same. These tests may be really financially punitive. Considering the fact that gout treatment takes time, the medication may be financially stressing.

Changes in diets for patients in a way may lead to financial difficulties for the patients as well. There are several ways for treating gout. It is really important to note that several diagnoses for gout may apply.

Pain management is an important aspect of the treatment. The other remedy required is a way of controlling uric acid levels. Rising uric levels lead to acute attacks and are very painful to the patient. Keeping the uric acid levels low in the blood is paramount.

The medications that your doctor recommends may heavily rely on your current health status. Gout medication inherently cures acute attacks while preventing future attacks too. It is important to ensure that one visits a qualified medic for the prescription of these drugs.

It is highly not advisable to buy these drugs over the counter. Gout medicine is also paramount in reducing risks arising from gout like the development of tophi in your joints.

It is important to ensure that one visits a qualified doctor for the prescription of these drugs.

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Drugs that treat gout include:

  • NSAIDs – Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

This is one of the most common Gout Meds. It includes over counter tablets such as Ibuprofen and others like naproxen.

Other powerful Gout medicines in this category include the Indocin. The latter is a powerful prescription and is not sold over the counter. Medics may issue higher doses at the beginning of the diagnosis.

As the acute attacks reduce over time, lower doses may follow.

  • Colchicine – This specific gout medication serves as a pain reliever

Colchicine works effectively in reducing pain. It may, however, lead to vomiting and nausea more so if consumed in large doses.
Low daily doses are paramount in stopping further attacks.

  • Corticosteroids – Drugs under this category include prednisone. Medics administer it to control pain and gout inflammation

The form of administration is pills or injections on the joints. People that cant use NSAIDs may use Corticosteroids instead. Elevated blood pressure is one of the adverse effects of the drug.

Most Popular Drugs Used to Treat Gout

The gout drugs listed below are arranged by patient popularity, #1 being the most popular.

For your convenience we have linked to all prescription drug prices (shown below) within our database so you can quickly compare and find the lowest prices on most popular gout medications.

  1. allopurinol
  2. Zyloprim
  3. Aloprim
  4. febuxostat
  5. Krystexxa
  6. probenecid
  7. Benemid
  8. pegloticase
  9. lesinurad
  10. allopurinol / lesinurad
  11. rilonacept
  12. Duzallo
  13. Zurampic

Most Popular Drugs Used to Treat Gouty Arthritis

  1. prednisone
  2. Probenecid/Colchicine
  3. dexamethasone
  4. triamcinolone 
  5. betamethasone 
  6. Decadron
  7. Dexamethasone Intensol
  8. Celestone Soluspan
  9. Kenalog-10
  10. Aristospan
  11. probenecid
  12. Kenalog-40
  13. Clinacort
  14. cortisone
  15. Cortone Acetate
  16. Dexpak Taperpak
  17. De-Sone LA
  18. Benemid

Preventing Gout Complications

Gout complications are incredibly painful. Some people may get the attacks several times a year. Others may experience the attacks less frequently.

There is, however, little to worry about since there are remedies for this too. The doctor may prescribe gout medication that will reduce gout complications.

Some of these complications include extensive damage joint and kidney stones. Others are chronic kidney disease. Medications to reduce uric levels come in handy in such situations.

gout medicationBlocking Uric Acid Production

Xanthine Oxidase inhibitors top the list when blocking acid production comes into play. This class of drugs includes -Allopurinol and the Febuxostat.

The drugs are fundamental in lowering amounts of uric acid produced by the body. Low blood count and rash are some of the side effects of these drugs.

Gout Medication to Improve Uric Acid Removal

Improving your kidney’s ability to remove uric acid from the blood is crucial in managing gout. Uricosurics improve the functionality of your kidneys by removing the acid from the blood.

There is, however, an increased amount of the acids in the urine. Kidney stones are a major side effect of this remedy. Also, some diseases may affect a patient and then lead to gout.

Drugs used to treat hypertension have may lead to cases of gout. Obesity is also a causative agent for gout. If you become overweight, your body may produce lots of uric acids.

In an instance that kidneys cant take care of excess amounts, then you are at risk.

Tests for Associated Ailments

Gouts and its consecutive treatment may lead to complications like renal problems, rashes, and stomach upsets.

Renal ailments may include kidney stones amongst others.

If these opportunist diseases are not constantly monitored, they may lead to dire consequences. The gout medication by itself may lead to some of these ailments as well.

How to Keep Safe

We all want to keep safe and healthy from gout. But how do we achieve this? There are however a number of ways by which you can stay safe.

Studies show that Gout is a lifestyle disease. What does this mean? Unhealthy practices such as drinking too many alcoholic beverages lead to gout.

Limiting the intake of such drinks goes a long way in ensuring that you are safe from gout.

gout treatmentSweetened drinks that contain fructose are also causative agents of this ailment. It is highly advisable that one takes plenty of water.

Gout medications are easy and effective. Staying away from gout is also easy if your diet is well monitored.

As mentioned earlier, foods with high purine levels are the leading causative agents of gout. Reducing their intake serves the body right.

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It keeps you away from the risk of gout complications. Regular exercise keeps your body fit. Losing weight is definitely health for everyone. It is also important in steering away from gout.

Balanced diets include a number of constituents in your foods. For this specific discussion, vitamin C has reduced the levels of uric acid in the blood.

It thus means that taking foods and supplements rich in vitamin C may keep us safe from gout. You may, however, need to talk to your doctor before taking any supplements.

The doctor will advise on recommended dosages for the same. Remember that you can also increase vitamin C in your diet by taking lots of vegetables. Fruits such as oranges are also rich in vitamin C.

Eating Cherries

Cherries also lower the amounts of uric acid in the blood. This consequently reduces gout attacks.

Eating lots of cherries and drinking cherry juice may be a perfect way to supplement your gout medications too. Many more fruits may keep you safe from gout.

Relaxation techniques may be instrumental in minding of the pain. Such techniques include easy exercise as well as meditation.

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