Bipolar Medications, Prescriptions and Drugs

bipolar medicationOne of the most common myths about bipolar disorder is that it’s not that common of a condition. The truth is, a staggering 60 million from all over the world suffer from it.

In Canada alone, almost 9 out of 10 people who reported symptoms they experienced meet the criteria for the disorder. According to statistics, 2.8% of U.S. adults have bipolar disorder I. Also, another 5% of the population suffer from bipolar disorder II.

And while the percentage seems small, this still translates to millions.

The good news is, bipolar medication is readily available. Also, this is thanks to the continued spread of awareness about the disorder. For those who suffer from this condition, the number of medicines designed specifically to help treat and manage its symptoms has increased considerably.

Bipolar Medication Price Comparison

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Use this guide to compare and find the right medication for your needs.

Finding the Right Bipolar Disorder Medications Starts with Understanding Mental Illnesses First

Bipolar disorder is one of the many types of named mental illnesses. In fact, there are about 200 of these classifications as of today. Each has its own specific symptoms, but many of them also share many similarities.

It’s for this reason that you need to first have an understanding of what mental illnesses are, specifically bipolar condition. This way, you can better assess what you’re experiencing. And from there, better equip yourself as you look for the most suitable bipolar medication.

Mental illness is something you don’t have to feel ashamed for. This is the first thing you need to know about these conditions, including bipolar disorder.

Whether your bipolar disorder arose from biological, life experiences, or family history, know that it’s a health condition. It’s not something you have complete control over. It’s as much a health problem as heart diseases, liver disorders, and high blood pressure.

You do, however, have various treatment options. Combining the right medications for bipolar disorder with therapy and other treatment methods is the best way to cope with your condition.

Breaking Down Bipolar Disorder

Now that you have a better understanding of mental illnesses, let’s have a closer look at bipolar specifics. This’ll help you in figuring which of the many bipolar medications available best suits your unique needs and requirements.

Many used to refer to bipolar disorder as manic depression. The primary reason is that this form of mood disorder involves severe changes in moods.

It’s much like how one moment you feel extreme elation. And then the next, you go through severe depression. “Mania” is the term for the high moments, and as such, people with this condition are called “manic depressive.”

Note though, that even with all these changes in your mood, you’d still experience moments of “normalcy.” Also, keep in mind that bipolar disorder comes in several types, and the type of medication and dosage depends on what classification you have.

To help you have a clearer idea, here are the three most common forms of bipolar disorder:

Bipolar I

bipolar disorder medicationsBipolar disorder patients have this when they go through at least one episode of mania (or a mixed episode). They also have depression episodes.

The mania typically lasts for a week. The depression persists for up to two weeks. Both, however, can go on for many months.

This is the most severe form of bipolar disorder.

Bipolar II

If you have this, then you experience mostly depression episodes. But, you also have occasional hypomania episodes. Hypomania, although shorter and milder than normal manic episodes, can still affect your normal day to day life.


This form of bipolar disorder involves severe and quick-to-change mood swings. In other words, you go through depression and change to hypomania faster than those with Bipolar I or II. It’s also rare for you to experience normal moods.

The Available Medications for Bipolar Sufferers

Bipolar medications are often key to a robust treatment plan. They help bring mania and depression episodes to a much more controllable level. They also help keep relapses at bay.

It’s important you take a close look at all your options – and take as much time in comparing them as possible. This way, not only will you find those that have the least side effects, but also those that better fit your budget.

Here are some of your best bipolar medication options:


Olanzapine is one of the most common medicines for bipolar disorder patients. You’ll find it under the prescription drug name Zyprexa. You can use this alongside other depression medications you may be taking.

The main benefit of this drug is it helps in bringing back the balance of some of the brain’s natural substances. It also helps minimize hallucinations, which then allows you to have more clear and positive thinking.


Another bipolar medication is Quetiapine. It’s also known as Seroquel. It helps give patients suffering from sudden depressive or manic episodes better control over their mood swings.

Like Zyprexa, it also helps restore the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain. As a result, you’ll have fewer (and less severe) hallucinations. Aside from putting you closer to normal moods, you’ll also see improvements in your concentration.


You also have the option to take Risperidone for your bipolar disorder. You’ll mostly find it under the trade name Risperdal.

Again, it belongs in the same drug class – atypical antipsychotics – as Zyprexa and Quetiapine. With this medication, you’ll have an easier time thinking clearly. You’ll also find it easier to do your day to day tasks.


The drug Aripiprazole helps lessen frequency and severity of hallucinations. You’ll find it under the name Abilify. As the name suggests, it helps you “become able” again.

From improved concentration to more clear thinking and better, more positive outlook – Abilify can help you benefit from all these.

Seeking Help ASAP for Your Bipolar Disorder

There are many other bipolar disorder medications you can choose from. What’s important is you seek help as soon as possible. You want your moods to get back on track, so you can live a healthier, happier life.

And for more information on mental health and the medications you can take, please feel free to visit our blog site or use our free search engine to compare drug prices on thousands of medications.