Clip coupons to reduce your prescription drug costs

The AARP Bulletin recently recommended two sites for prescription drug coupons: and

Both of these sites’ seek out temporary price breaks from drug makers, as well as other discounts, and can save you up to 40 percent off the retail price of brand-name drugs. Keep in mind that the coupons offered through these sites generally cannot be used in combination with Medicare, and often have other restrictions.

The problem we found with drug vouchers and prescription drug coupons is they’re reasonable to use for free refills or to defray co-payments for prescription drugs that you’re already taking … But seemingly sweet deals might cost far more in the long run if they keep you on newer, high-priced brand-name drugs rather than generic or lower-cost medications that are equally effective…

The prescription drug coupons are no match for the prices at, of course — but for those occasions when you are picking up drugs at the corner drugstore, they can make the financial burden a little less onerous. On average Americans save 72% on their brand name drugs using and also significantly reduce the costs on higher priced generic drugs.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to get safe access to more affordable medications!

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A part of this article is a little miss leading. Januvia and Metformin are 2 drugs for diabetes which are in 2 different classes and do different things. These 2 medications are also available in a combination Janumet. Just an FYI

I have innoviant drug coverage but I still have co-payments do you have coupons for setraline and zoloft? it can reduce the price of my co-payments if I had coupons to take to rite aid. Thank you if you can help.

I have the information that I need, Can my name and comment be removed from this page now?

AMAZING site for prescription discount savings. saved 45% on my kid’s prescriptions!

Well, it’s great to hear that we can actually get coupon discounts for prescriptions as well.

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