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25 Apr: How Effective Is Aldara for Treating Abnormal Skin Growths?

Are you struggling with abnormal skin growths? Whether you have skin lesions caused by pre-cancerous cells or certain types of warts, it can be hard to find a safe and effective method of treatment. Aldara is a specific treatment option that can help treat your abnormal skin growths. Keep reading to learn what this medication is, the side effects, how it works, and more. What Is Aldara? Aldara is a brand name medication also known by the generic name Imiquimod. It is a topical medication that comes in the form of a cream. This cream is directly applied to the affected area once per day for a certain number of weeks depending on the ailment you are treating. How Does…


18 Apr: Is Zaroxolyn and Other Diuretics Safe to Take for Weight Loss?

More than one in three adults in the US are obese. Many of the reasons behind this epidemic point to the American lifestyle and portion sizes. After all, who has the time to cook and exercise when the average full-timer works 47 hours per week? And that doesn't even take into account cleaning, caring for children or other home responsibilities.

07 Feb: Should You Take Labetalol for High Blood Pressure?

Chronic hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a disease that affects the flow of blood from the heart to the blood vessels. Chronic blood pressure is a serious health problem, and your doctor may prescribe Labetalol to help manage blood flow. We have created this guide to provide more information about the drug and its uses. How High Blood Pressure Affects You Every time the heart beats it creates pressure that pushes blood through vessels, arteries, and other passages. Blood pressure is the result of systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. Systolic pressure is created by the blood pumping out of the heart, and diastolic pressure is the result of the heart resting before beats. High blood pressure makes…

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05 Feb: Is Anafranil Effective for OCD?

Some 3.3 million people suffer from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). And as few as10% seek treatment for their condition. Many of those who go undiagnosed work frantically every day to hide their symptoms. Thier isolation compounds the impact this devastating condition can have on their lives. If you suffer OCD, even the simplest task may cause excessive stress and anxiety. OCD symptoms affect the quality of life for many sufferers. This may include how well you function on the job, the quality of your relationships and your ability to relax and enjoy life. OCD is a dysfunction of recurring images or impulses you can’t control. Many people with OCD also suffer from depression. Doctors often prescribe selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)…


01 Feb: Here’s Why You Should Take Indomethacin for Gout

Gout flare-ups are extremely painful and almost impossible to ignore. While some sufferers find relief through home remedies and dietary changes, medical treatment is usually necessary. Prescription drugs like Indomethacin are extremely effective for reducing the pain, inflammation, and joint stiffness caused by gout. In the United States, the number of people impacted by gout is on the rise. It’s estimated that this condition now impacts 4 percent of the U.S. population, about 8.3 million Americans. This is due, in part, to increased rates of obesity and hypertension. Understanding the primary causes of gout and the most common treatment options is the first step to finding relief. Here’s what you need to know. What is Gout? Gout is a form…


26 Jan: What is Eczema, and How Can Elocon Help?

Over 31 million people, or 10% of the population, suffer from some type of eczema. While symptoms and severity can vary from person to person, dealing with eczema can be stressful and embarrassing. Eczema typically leaves skin hot, dry, and itchy. But with severe cases, your skin may bleed from breaks in the skin. It’s not contagious, but sometimes it doesn’t look too pretty. If you are suffering from eczema and ready for relief, you are in the right place. Below you will find some detailed information about eczema and Elocon as a treatment option. Types of Eczema There are two main types of eczema. Atopic eczema is believed to be hereditary – the condition gets passed down through your…