Keto Diet for Diabetics

11 Nov: Keto Diet for Diabetics: Can It Really Help You?

Our comprehensive keto diet for diabetics guide will help answer all your questions surrounding the keto diet for diabetes type 1 and type 2. If you are suffering from diabetes, you probably already know that you need to be careful with what you eat. This can be very hard. With so many tasty options and those nasty cravings, it is difficult to put your health in the first place all the time. Proper diet is an important part of your diabetes therapy, your doctor has surely told you so. However, it is not the whole solution. Diabetes medications will always remain necessary. If you make these two work together, your quality of life will remain high even with diabetes. So, why…

Carb-Rich Diet Helps Reduce Diabetes and Heart Disease

04 Nov: This Carb-Rich Diet Helps Reduce Diabetes and Heart Disease

You need to take good care of your diet when you have diabetes or cardiovascular disease.  You need to take even better care of yourself if you want to avoid developing these chronic conditions. We all know, this is easier said than done. You can have all the best intentions and the strongest determination, still you can be easily confused by all the nutritional mumbo-jumbo out there. However, eating right is the condition above all other conditions for a successful fight against diabetes and heart disease. So, quitting is not an option. You have to be positive and use the amazing availability of information that we have today to educate yourself and understand the connection between your illness and any of the foods you eat. We…

How Untreated Hypertension Can Severely Damage Your Eyesight

21 Oct: Here’s How Untreated Hypertension Can Severely Damage Your Eyesight

The fact that you know your blood pressure is high, but you are not experiencing any complications related to this disease, should actually make you happy. How come, you might wonder? Well, it’s because high blood pressure, or hypertension, is a very common, dangerous and often devious condition. A real “silent killer”, some say. It’s a disease that rarely produces obvious symptoms in its early stages. So if you have experienced some sudden blushing, sleeping issues, or unexplainable anxiety that resulted in being diagnosed as high blood pressure, you might be lucky. We say this because it probably means that your condition was discovered on time. High blood pressure often lingers undiscovered for years. A timely discovery enables for the treatment…

foods that lower blood sugar instantly

07 Oct: Delicious Diabetes-Friendly Foods That Lower Blood Sugar Instantly

Are you looking fo foods that lower blood sugar instantly? We all know that staying on any strict diet can be challenging at times. It’s even more challenging when you have diabetes and you’re taking medication. The main reason for this is the amazing variety of delicious foods which are often off-limits when you are dealing with a chronic disease. Unfortunately, the foods that taste good are usually prepared in unhealthy ways, packed with different additives, condiments, and often sugar. It’s not only desserts and sweets. The majority of processed foods is bad for you, for one reason or another. Going out and eating at a restaurant is a challenge on its own. You probably know this all too well….

What Medications Work Best for Diabetic Nerve Pain

01 Oct: What Medications Work Best for Diabetic Nerve Pain?

You should not have to live with pain. No one should. Modern medical science has made so much progress in treating pain that a chronic and well-researched disease, such as diabetes, should be pain-free. Right? Well, the truth is a bit more complicated. If you are combating diabetes, your main efforts (diet, medications, exercise, etc.) are probably focused on keeping the blood sugar levels stable. This is good. However, it will not do much to improve diabetic nerve pain. Now, you might be asking yourself, why? There is a simple answer. It’s because diabetic nerve pain is a result of the damage that has already been done to your body, caused by diabetes. Controlling the disease is absolutely necessary. It will prevent,…

Rambutan - Strange Fruit That Destroys Diabetes

25 Sep: 1 Strange Fruit That Destroys Diabetes + Improves Overall Health

You don’t need a great deal of knowledge about biochemistry, medicine, or chronic diseases to know that diabetes equals a restrictive diet. Also, you probably understand that there is a strong connection between the foods you eat and your blood sugar levels. This is, unfortunately, true. No, you can’t eat whatever you want. Nor can you eat a ton of delicious treats too. Sweets, logically, are the worse. You don’t need a scientific explanation for this. Your body cannot manage sugar properly. So, it simply doesn’t make any sense to add sugar on top of (blood) sugar. That’s the road you don’t want to walk down when you have diabetes. If you do, chances are you will not return. Nowadays, people are mostly…

New Hypoglycemia Nasal Spray

20 Sep: FDA Approves New Hypoglycemia Nasal Spray to Treat Low Blood Sugar

Did you hear about the recent FDA approval of the hypoglycemia nasal spray? This can be a life-saver (literally) for many.  You know how important it is to keep your blood sugar levels stable when you have diabetes. You’ve probably heard a lot about it from your physician. If you are curious enough, you’ve probably also read about it online in one of the many articles written on this topic. This is great. It is very useful and important. However, the majority of these guidelines usually focus on preventing blood sugar levels from increasing. After all, long-term high blood sugar levels are responsible for most of the health hazards associated with diabetes. But, diabetes is a condition characterized by your body’s…

control blood sugar

30 Aug: Three Simple Shopping Tricks That Help You Control Blood Sugar

Diabetes requires many lifestyle changes. If you do not make them and just continue living like you did before you were diagnosed with this chronic condition, you will inevitably suffer serious consequences. Uncontrolled blood sugar causes severe damage to your body. It can impair your eyesight, cause chronic nerve pain, or kidney failure. The list of potential complications is long.  The good news is that you can do a lot to prevent these things from happening. So much is up to you.  First thing is to look for help. A good specialist will know how to help you. If he/she prescribes you some therapy — which may include diabetes medications — make sure to follow it. Physical activity is also important….

12 Ways to Save Money on Your Diabetes Medications

21 Dec: 12 Ways to Save Money on Your Diabetes Medications [Cheat Sheet]

Diabetes is a condition that affects more than 29 million people in the United States or upwards of 10% of the American population. While the number of those with diabetes is on rise, the medical industry continues to bring out fresh medicines such as the new insulin product Toujeo and an empagliflozin/metfomin combination called Synjardy. While these new medications are improving the quality of life for those with diabetes, they are not low-cost! According to research, an American with diabetes can expect to spend twice as much on medical expenses as someone without the disease, or approximately $8,000 a year. In addition to paying for test strips, diabetes medication, and doctor visits, diabetes costs can include money lost due to…