Canadian Pharmacies — Setting the Record Strait About Safety

Millions of Americans turn to international sources for foreign medication, Canadian pharmacies in particular ranking high on the list. They’re close to home, extremely competitive in pricing when it comes to foreign drugs, and have strict safety regulations. However, the federal government for the United States uses plenty of scare tactics in an attempt to make American citizens steer clear of foreign drugs, even going so far as making it illegal to buy drugs from international sources. Because they do not have the official stamp of approval from the Food and Drug Administration, the door is officially closed for consumers in America. However, anyone with savvy and a pinched budget is likely to opt for Canadian pharmacies. The price of prescription medication is skyrocketing in the United States, forcing people to choose an option that is considered illegal to obtain foreign drugs. Very rarely do custom agents actually cause any problems with transactions making their way from Canadian pharmacies to the States. However, the threat of legal action creates a dark shadow hanging over many Americans. In the end, they will either go without vital medications or go with what is affordable. When push comes to shove, many will choose Canada with good reason. It’s a safe alternative and the savings is phenomenal.

The Reason for Road Blocks Between Canadian Pharmacies & the United States

The pharmaceutical industry (PhRMA) means big business in the United States, a major moneymaker that those involved do not want to give up. While medication should be affordable and obtainable for American’s citizens in need, major corporations only see the dollar sign. They have been lobbying Congress for over a decade in an effort to put a stop to the purchase of foreign drugs from outside sources, including Canadian pharmacies. They’ve lumped all Canadian drugs, and others medications supplied from foreign countries, with dangerous, counterfeit drugs. Making such claims is completely false, especially when it comes to Canada. Canadian pharmaceutical companies are carefully regulated, have a rigorous set of standards when it comes to medications, and produce many of the same drugs that are distributed in the United States. Prescriptions may consist of different brands or be generic, but are comparable to American counterparts, produced by licensed pharmacies. When choosing foreign drugs at a fraction of the price of American medications, Canada is one of, if not the, safest alternative. The country provides safe prescriptions that are effective. In many cases, they are the same product as what is produced in American pharmacies with one key difference. Canadian prescriptions will not break the bank.

Canadian Pharmacies & Criminals Are Not Created Equal

To suggest that licensed Canadian pharmaceutical companies are in the same league as the criminal element that creates fake or counterfeit medication simply to make a dollar is completely detestable. The Canadians are not out to get people and steal their money. In fact, the producers of Canadian medications are saving people money. Deputy commissioner of the FDA, Howard R. Sklamberg, said that foreign unapproved drugs pose the same health risks as counterfeit drugs. To continue to emphasize that “all imported drugs purchased from online pharmacies are dangerous” will only confuse and scare the consumers and lawmakers — making it more difficult for Americans to get the medications they need at prices they can actually afford.

US Customs is Willing to Destroy Valuable Prescriptions

United States Customs agents have actually been instructed to destroy any prescription drugs that cross the border to America. When such destruction happens, it is hurting no one other than the American citizens who are anxiously awaiting their badly needed medications. When they save as much as eighty percent on carefully screen medications provided from Canadian sources, who can blame them for ordering safe, online medications. In the end, Americans are more likely to go without their prescriptions, putting their health at risk because they simply can’t afford US prescriptions.

Canadian Pharmacies Require Valid Prescriptions

The supposed risks involved in dealing with pharmacies in Canada are completely unfounded. There have been no reports of wrongdoing or harm, including death, based on online purchases from licensed, Canadian providers. Canada takes the responsibility of providing individuals with safe medication as serious business. The nation is committed to producing medication that is safe for its own residents and the world. When individuals need medicine to have a better quality of life, or save their lives, the Canadian government is committed to being a beacon of home in the pharmaceutical industry.

Danger Comes from Counterfeit Sources & Within

Take a close look to unfortunate incidents involving international medications and the fault lies with criminals intent on robbing people of their hard-earned money with no respect for human life. In addition, some international pharmacy sources do not require prescriptions and are more interested in making money than ensuring consumer safety. The most notable instance of deaths from tainted prescriptions was actually caused by medication distributed in America. Between 2007 and 2008, 81 people died after they took heparin that was tainted with faulty Chinese ingredients. Another 64 American citizens died from complications after they used tainted steroids, stricken with fungal meningitis. This time, finger pointing landed on American companies that produced the drugs. The problem actually originated within US borders.

Failure to Take Medication Poses the Greatest Crisis

When it comes to getting straight to the point, many Americans are simply not taking their medicine because they can’t afford their prescriptions. However, US drug companies are not willing to lose money to foreign competitors, thereby attempting to band foreign sales. The bottom line should be preserving the health of a nation in the most affordable way. Canadian sources provide low cost imports and should be available to those in need. Prescription medicine is about saving lives, not filling pockets.

How Can I Stop This? What Can I Do?

Now is your chance to do something about getting low-cost prescriptions in the hands of Americans who need it the most. Take Action Right Now and Sign this Petition at concerning the proposed FDA rules regarding section 708 of the FDA Safety and Innovation Act, regulations that would allow government officials to destroy any foreign medications valued at $2500 or less. These rules could have a major impact on anyone who needs low cost prescriptions from Canada and other countries.

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