Can Rost lift BrandweekNRX from the blogosphere’s bowels?

Pharma bloggers are abuzz with the news that Peter Rost is replacing Jim Edwards as writer for BrandweekNRX. Writes Peter:

Clearly some of things I have written in the past on Question Authority are more fitting for Brandweek, and some are less so. It will be interesting to see if the more fitting material drives traffic to Brandweek, or if people really want to read the more unprintable material right here . . .So now you have to read two blogs.

So, will people do as Peter wishes and read him at both blogs?

Peter’s Question Authority is currently ranked #42 in the Healthcare 100. Among pharma bloggers, only John Mack and Jack Friday rank higher. BrandweekNRX, meanwhile, has struggled; it’s currently sitting at #169.

BrandweekNRX is particularly hurting in Bloglines subscribers, earning just one point in this category. According to Bloglines, BrandweekNRX’s Feedburner feed has a total of EIGHT Bloglines subscribers. That’s not exactly Perez Hilton numbers.

So, can Peter lift NRX from the blog bowels to the top of the pharma blogosphere?

Only time will tell. But to help you keep track, we’re going to post a weekly “Rost Watch” right here, letting you know how far PeterNRX has climbed the rankings from the previous week. Stay tuned.


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