Maintenance meds such as Bystolic could get pricey. Unfortunately, that’s the case for a large number of prescription drugs on the market. Bystolic, for example, doesn’t have a generic version available—so there’s no competition in the market.

As such, the drug company can charge what they want, regardless of patient need. The good news is that you’re not out of luck if you’ve got a Bystolic prescription to fill.

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If a doctor prescribed you Bystolic for hypertension, you need to learn what it’s for and how you can save money with a Bystolic coupon.

What is Bystolic?

This drug is a beta blocker, meaning, it is often used in conjunction with other medications to treat adults with hypertension or high blood pressure. These drugs affect your fight or flight response, so stress triggers won’t have an impact on your heart rate as you go through your day-to-day.

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Beta blockers work affect the heart and the circulatory system, improving blood flow through the veins and arteries. Bystolic is often prescribed to people with hypertension and aims to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.

They work by blocking the effects of adrenaline on your body’s beta receptors. This process slows down the nerve impulses that travel through the heart. Basically, beta blockers reduce the amount of work your heart needs to do to keep you going.

Typical Uses for Bystolic

Bystolic’s primary uses apply to a range of cardiovascular conditions. The drug is typically prescribed after the patient has already tried additional treatments. Here’s a quick look at some of the conditions this drug treats:

  • Angina
  • High blood pressure
  • Chronic heart failure
  • Myocardial Reinfarction Prevention
  • Ventricular Rate Control in Atrial Fibrillation

Less common uses for beta blockers include migraines, anxiety, and glaucoma.

To get the most out of this medication, you’ll need to take it regularly. According to WebMD, most people take Bystolic once a day—with or without food. Your dosage depends on your condition (say, anxiety, high blood pressure, or heart failure) and your past responses to treatment.

What Are the Side Effects of Bystolic?

While the drug aims to improve blood flow, some side effects may occur in the cardiovascular system. For one, Bystolic may reduce blood flow to hands and feet, creating a cold sensation.

Some people feel dizzy or light-headed while taking the drug. Drinking alcohol amplifies this effect, and doctors recommend avoiding drinking while taking the drug.

In more serious cases, some people might experience a slow heartbeat, fainting, mood swings, depression, and sudden weight gain.

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Weight gain is one of the more notable effects of beta blockers, especially older drugs like Lopressor or Toprol. Still, most people don’t gain more than 2-3 pounds.

Some doctors believe that beta blockers slow down the metabolism. Others believe the weight gain stems from switching from a diuretic (another blood pressure treatment) to a beta blocker.

Diuretics help users keep off the water weight, so going off of those pills means you might gain some of that weight back.

While a few pounds isn’t a huge deal, very sudden weight gain can be the sign of a bigger problem. This means fluid may be building up in your stomach, chest or legs—a symptom linked to worsening heart failure.

Why Use a Bystolic Coupon?

Well, Bystolic isn’t exactly cheap. The beta blocker costs roughly $130 for 30 pills. While many insurance plans may cover the drug, it’s often not the only medication prescribed for the conditions listed above.

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As such, many patients find themselves shelling out for multiple medications at a time, say a blood pressure medication and Bystolic. On a monthly basis, these costs can add up fast.

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How do prescription coupons work? A lot of people believe that your insurance covers all prescription benefits. And, in the past, people paid maybe $10 here and there for a co-pay.

These days, insurance companies cover a lot less than they have in the past. Prescription discount coupons have come in to bridge the gap between what the insurance covers and what patients can expect to pay.

Coupons don’t lower the cost of your co-pays, but they do help lower the cost of your medications. If you look on eDrug Search’s website, you can compare various offers for Bystolic based on dosage and the number of pills per container.

Bystolic Doesn’t Have Any Generic Alternatives

There are no generics available. Patents are a real source of financial pain for the patients that need these medications. Unfortunately, until the patent runs out, patients don’t have much leeway for price negotiations.

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The good news is, generic Bystolic may soon be available. Patents have been expiring in recent months, and consumers may see some price cuts on the horizon. However, Bystolic or generic Nebivolol should roll out sometime around 2021.

In the meantime, you may want to look out for a great coupon for Bystolic. The manufacturer provides a savings program, while sites like eDrug Search allow you to shop around and compare prices.

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