How to Burn Used Coffee Grounds for Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitos are the worst. A pleasant backyard barbecue can be ruined by the little bloodsuckers. When mosquitos are around, you’re too busy swatting at the bugs to enjoy food and conversation.

The worst part is that they can carry serious viruses like Zika. Some people are even allergic to mosquitos, making their bites more than just annoying.

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As awful as mosquitos are, most repellants on the market are also pretty awful. If you spend a lot of time outside during mosquito season, you can spend a ton of money buying these sprays. Even worse than the cost is the fact that they can be bad for your health.

As unlikely as it sounds, the solution is coffee grounds! According to the EPA, coffee grounds are a safe and effective way to keep pests away. Coffee grounds can help repel not only mosquitos but also other annoying insects like wasps and bees.

Why are coffee grounds effective? Most bugs have a very strong sense of smell. Coffee grounds have a strong smell but it’s even stronger when they are burned.

This smell will bother the pests and keep them away. Insects also generally associate smoke with danger, so the smoke alone is a signal to them to find shelter elsewhere.

How to Burn Coffee Grounds for Mosquito Control

This simple trick my dad taught me will get rid of those pesky bloodsuckers for good.

Let’s get started…

1.) Start with dry grounds


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I tried to get the grounds burning to no avail…. help

Hey Lucy,

Make sure the coffee grinds are completely dry. Then create a small hole with your fingers, in center of the plate and middle of the coffee grinds.

Next, add some shredded paper or dry grass in the middle of the hole. Light the paper (or grass) on fire, then slowly add the dry coffee grinds to the fire until it starts burning.

This should do the trick! 🙂

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