Bring out your meds: flu season is here

Wolfgang Niesielski at the Contra Costa Times rings in flu season (and its commercialization) with this humor column. Excerpt:

HOW CAN YOU not be aware that the flu season is now “officially” open? Actually, unofficially, it started toward the end of the summer vacation when the allergy season was at a wane.

Now you notice someone coughing, sneezing and feeling miserable in every second TV commercial (this combined with the allergy season, means that there is always someone coughing, sneezing and feeling miserable throughout the entire year).

Turn on the TV, and instead of watching the family happily frolicking in green meadows and colorful flower gardens after ingesting the particular product that financed the commercial, you observe the wise, tough-as-nails wife supplying her wimpy, wheezing, bundled-up husband with the appropriate potent drugs designed to turn him into a less wimpy and more productive head of the household again.

Soon you’ll see him get kicked out the door right into the frigid fracas of an icy dog-eat-dog business world, completely healthy again, and without that red shiny, dripping nose.

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