Is Zaroxolyn and Other Diuretics Safe to Take for Weight Loss?

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More than one in three adults in the US are obese.

Many of the reasons behind this epidemic point to the American lifestyle and portion sizes. After all, who has the time to cook and exercise when the average full-timer works 47 hours per week? And that doesn’t even take into account cleaning, caring for children or other home responsibilities.

So it’s no wonder more people are turning to diuretics like Zaroxolyn to lose weight. They’re fast, easy and convenient.

But do they really work? And if so, what are the possible side effects?

Read on to gain a full understanding of what water pills can or can’t do for you and to see if they really are able to cut those pounds.

What Are Diuretics?

Diuretics are used to treat a variety of health conditions. Most often referred to as “water pills,” they cleanse the body of sodium and water.

Diuretics can be classified into three groups: thiazide, loop, and potassium-sparing. Each comes with their own advantages and side effects.

Why Are These Being Used for Weight Loss?

Besides the convenience factor, there is the unavoidable fact that water makes up most of our bodies. To be exact, it takes up two-thirds of our body weight.

As a result, many people logically assume a medication that promotes “flushing” reduces weight. They are right, but there’s more to the story.

More on that later. First, let’s discuss the medicine itself.

What Is Zaroxolyn?

Also called Metolazone, Zaroxolyn is a diuretic. It is taken orally and typically prescribed for high blood pressure and edema.

In recent years, Zaroxolyn has gained popularity in the dieting community because, when used properly, it is considered a safe drug.

It works by flushing the system of excess water and sodium through urine. Putting it simply, it makes you pee a lot.

Side Effects

Here, we’ll cover the bad, the ugly and the honest truth about potential consequences of taking a diuretic for weight loss.

1. H2-Oh

One word: dehydration. What’d you expect?

The point of diuretics is to get water out of the body, but in order for a diuretic to do its job, you’re going to get thirsty. In a healthy human, this can lead to dehydration if water pills are used excessively or water intake is not maintained properly.

Symptoms of dehydration include extreme thirst, dry lips, and dry skin, dizziness or (in drastic cases) damage to internal organs.

According to Livestrong, the amount of fluid an individual should consume while on a diuretic is calculated by his or her weight. Be sure to discuss fluid intake with your doctor before using diuretics like Zaroxolyn.

2. Electrolytes, Please?

Improper balance of electrolytes is also a common consequence of taking water pills.

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Because water pills excrete salt through urine, this can lead to low sodium levels. Furthermore, potassium levels can be affected.

The body needs balanced electrolytes in order to function correctly. They carry ions necessary for daily living, such as muscle functions.

Electrolyte imbalances usually do not present themselves until the disorder has become severe. Symptoms include a rapid heartbeat, fatigue, weakness, vomiting, and headaches.

3. Poor Kidney Function

Kidneys can especially be affected when Metolazone is used improperly.

Due to the changes in water regulation, the kidneys work overtime to produce more sodium in the urine. As a result, kidney function can deteriorate.

Again, this is why it is important to discuss water pills with a physician. Trained personnel will be able to tell you the type of medication that is right for you.

4. Weight Gain

Instead of losing excess pounds, some studies indicate diuretics can add pounds.

The human body is highly adaptive, and when it experiences more water loss than normal, it prepares itself by overcompensating. Where Zaroxolyn and similar pills are concerned, this process is known as diuretic resistance.

It usually occurs as a result of poor dietary choices. In rare cases, individuals may experience this increase in water retention, which also increases weight.

Other Considerations

Those considering taking Zaroxolyn should keep in mind several important points:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol, as it can increase adverse side effects.
  • Avoid overheating when outside or exercising, as it can promote dehydration.
  • If you are taking any other type of medication, research how it will interact with the drug. Metolazone can interact with many medications, resulting in unsavory consequences.

The Advantages of Diuretics

All of this may sound scary, but these pills also have numerous advantages.

  • Diuretics are extremely useful in treating hypertension.
  • Studies indicate they may reduce the chances of fatal heart attacks.
  • Diuretics do provide relief for patients who experience unhealthy water retention.
  • The pills help to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Users may experience a lower rate of hip fractures.

For individuals with health issues who follow protocols and expectations associated with diuretic use, this can be an invaluable and life-saving medication.

Will I Lose Weight?

Probably, but it’s not the type of weight that you should focus on. Water pills only rid your body of water weight, which means it’s not a permanent weight loss strategy. You’ll lose weight for a small fraction of the time… only to gain it right back.

Dr. Oz sums it up nicely: “Losing fat weight is associated with a lower risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a host of other illnesses. Losing water weight can lead to dangerous dehydration that can be fatal in severe cases.”

Talk to Your Doctor

If you are considering a water pill or Zaroxolyn for weight loss, talk to your physician before making any decisions. He or she will be able to assess your unique situation and discover if this is the correct route for you. Furthermore, your doctor will make sure you know how to safely take the pill.

Are You Ready?

You’ve got the go-ahead, and it’s time to lose some weight. But you don’t want to spend hoards of money, right?

Zaroxolyn doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out our site, where we compare prices and even provide coupons to help you find the safest and cheapest medicines on the market.

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