10 Effortless Yoga Poses to Reduce Belly Fat FAST!

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We all have to deal with belly fat at some point in our lives. Working out regularly and eating a balanced diet are some of the ways that most people use to keep belly fat at bay. However, yoga has been found to be quite effective because it can help you to lose that ugly belly within a short time.

Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. According to WebMD, yoga is a comprehensive workout, which involves nearly all body muscles. It calms and relaxes the mind while toning and tightening the muscles. There are over 100 yoga routines, which range from modest routines to more complex ones. This variation means that everyone can take part in yoga. The following are 10 yoga positions that can help you cut down your belly fat.

1.) Board (Kumbhakasana)

This is an all-inclusive body workout, which focuses on the belly, back shoulder, thigh, and buttock muscles. This yoga position aims at strengthening these areas to give you more resilience. It cuts belly fat at an impressive rate.

Board (Kumbhakasana)

How the Board (Kumbhakasana) is Done

You need to align your body in a pushup-like position. Your arms should extend under your knees. Position your hands under your arms and shoulders. You should then take a deep breath while looking ahead. Ensure that your spine and back are kept straight. Your fingers and your arms must be kept flat and spread while you pull in the abdominal muscles. This position should be maintained for 30 seconds before you repeat it 5 times. There should be a 15-second break between the routines to avoid wearing out your muscles.

2.) Wind Easing Posture (Pavanamukthasan)

This is a wind easing posture whose purpose is to alleviate low back pain. In addition, it strengthens your hips, things, and your core. Pavanamukthasan has been used for ages to increase body metabolism while promoting the attainment of a healthy pH level. This ultimately reduces the amount of fat deposited in the belly region.

Wind Easing Posture (Pavanamukthasan)

How the Wind Easing Posture (Pavanamukthasan) is Done

This yoga position requires you to stretch out your legs while lying on your back. Ensure that your heels are touching each other. Your arms should similarly be at your side. Bend your knees and try moving them towards your chest. Breathe out with every motion. Keep your thighs tightened and apply mild pressure on your abdominal muscles. Maintain this position for sixty to ninety seconds while breathing deliberately and deeply. Release the knees while breathing out.

3.) Pontoon Posture (Naukasana)

This position mainly focuses on strengthening leg and back muscles. This ultimately lowers the accumulation of fat around the waist.

Pontoon Posture (Naukasana)

How the Posture (Naukasana) is Done

When carrying out this routine, you should begin by lying on your back while stretching out your legs. Your arms should be on your sides. Stretch your feet and toes while lifting up your legs. Inhale deeply while ensuring that your legs are kept straight. Your body should be aligned in a 45 degree angle. Maintain your normal breathing rate while holding this posture for 15 seconds. You should then release the posture to allow the body to rejuvenate for 15 seconds. The pose should be repeated five times with a 15-second break in between the routines.

4.) Bow Posture (Dhanurasana)

This posture mainly helps to strengthen the core while tightening abdominal muscles. Dhanurasana similarly increases body metabolism by encouraging faster digestion of food.

Bow Posture (Dhanurasana)

How the Bow Posture (Dhanurasana) is Done

You need to lie down on your stomach. Your legs should be stretched out, with your arms on your side. The knees must be bent upwards. Stretch your arms back so that they can hold your ankles. Maintain this posture for 15 to 30 seconds while breathing at a normal rate. Exhale and get back to the floor. This will allow your body muscles to rest for around 15 seconds. Repeat the routine five times with regular breaks in between.

5.) Cobra Posture (Bhujang Asana)

This yoga position is used to strengthen the upper body and the spine. The cobra posture is a proven multi-muscle workout. However, Healthy Food House does not recommend is to pregnant women and those who are suffering from hernia due to its strenuous nature.

Cobra Posture (Bhujang Asana)

How the Cobra Posture (Bhujang Asana) is Done

You should first lie down on your stomach. Thereafter, stretch your legs far away from your body while pulling your arms under your shoulders. Allow your chin and toes to come into contact with the floor. Breathe in deeply but slowly while thrusting your chest upwards. Maintain this posture for 15 to 30 seconds while exhaling slowly. Rest for a maximum of 12 seconds before repeating the routine 5 times.

6.) Boat (Naukasana)

This yoga posture bears close resemblance to the bow position. However, it is more beneficial to the back, arms, legs, and the belly.

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Boat (Naukasana)

How the Boat (Naukasana) is Done

Lie on your back while ensuring that your legs are stretched out. Your arms need to be at your side. Breathe in deeply but gently while lifting your chest upward. Your feet also need to be raised from the floor. Maintain a forward gaze to boost body alignment. Maintain the pose while inhaling and exhaling 10 times. Repeat the motion five times with 15-second breaks in between.

7.) Chair (Uthkatasana)

This is a legendary yoga position whose main focus is strengthening the spine, pulling in the abs, and supporting the thighs and hips. Uthkatasana is intense in its own right, with The Health Site warning those who have severe back or knee injuries to avoid it. Individuals suffering from chronic cough headaches and insomnia should also avoid the routine. Nonetheless, it is quite effective when it comes to cutting belly fat.

 Chair (Uthkatasana)

How the Chair (Uthkatasana) is Done

Stand upright while maintaining your hands in front of you in a Namaste position. Bend the knees the same way you do when sitting on a chair. Raise your hands straight above your head. Your torso should then be bent inward as you move deeper into that position. Maintain your normal breathing rate while ensuring that you retain the posture for as long as you can. This routine has an impact on your belly and thus prevents the accumulation of fatty layers in the region.

8.) Bridge (Setubandhasana)

This is one of the most beneficial yoga positions. It is renowned for its unique ability to offer relief to stiffened muscles. In addition, it strengthens the spine and hips while stretching abdominal muscles. This goes a long way in boosting your workouts. Setubandhasana is also beneficial to individuals who have high blood pressure. It improves digestion besides curbing common symptoms of menopause. It works wonders within a short time, which explains why you need to incorporate it in your workout regimen if you are looking forward to losing belly weight.

Bridge (Setubandhasana)

How the Bridge (Setubandhasana) is Done

You should first lie down on your back. Exhale while pushing yourself off the floor using your feet. Thereafter, raise your body in such a way that your back and buttocks are lifted from the floor. When doing this, ensure that your neck remains on the floor. Push your hands to the ground to offer your body additional support. Maintain this posture for as long as possible. This stretches your body muscles to the fullest, thus paving way for fat loss.

9.) Warrior 1 (Veerbhadrasana 1)

This is more or less of a natural pose, which stretches your back muscles while strengthening your core, buttocks, and thighs. This not only helps in reducing body fat, but also helps you attain peace of mind. Warrior 1 is highly regarded because it allows you to attain a calming position, thus promoting peace and clarity.

Warrior 1 (Veerbhadrasana 1)

How the Warrior 1 (Veerbhadrasana 1) is Done

Begin with a standing position while ensuring that your feet are in contact. Your arms need to be by your side. Extend the right leg forward, and the left one backward. This should resemble a lunge movement. Turn your midsection slightly so that you face your right knee. Give your body additional support by turning the left leg slightly. Exhale while raising your body up away from your knees. You should then stretch your arms slowly upwards while bending your back to form a slight arch. Maintain the position for fifteen to thirty seconds while breathing normally. Thereafter, break the pose slowly by exhaling while strengthening the right knee. Push off the right leg so that you regain your original pose. Repeat the movement with the opposite leg.

10.) Warrior 2 (Veerbhadrasana 2)

This yoga pose is similar to Warrior 1. The two positions also have similar benefits to the body. The position gives you the ability to lose belly fat within a short time.

Warrior 2 (Veerbhadrasana 2)

How the Warrior 2 (Veerbhadrasana 2) is Done

The motions that are involve here are akin to Warrior 1. However, the only difference is that when lifting your hand above the head, you are required to stretch them outward, away from your torso. Your head should also be turned so that you gaze towards your right leg. Just as it is the case with Warrior 1, you need to repeat the movement with your left leg. This will ultimately help you lose that stubborn belly weight.

Which of these yoga poses helped you reduce belly fat?

Tell us in the comments section below.

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Yoga Poses to Reduce Belly Fat Fast

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