Studies Finds That Women With Bigger Butts Are Smarter & Healthier

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Big Bottom Benefits

According to the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California, Santa Barbara, women who are heavier on the bottom or have larger “waist-to-hip-ratios” have some health perks on their side.

A larger bottom is beneficial to overall health, and is also associated with increased intelligence. A larger derriere also lowers the risk of some chronic diseases.

Researchers report that fat distribution is key, and fat below the waist creates a barrier against diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions that are linked to obesity.

Apple Shape or Pear Shape?

The lower body serves a striking protective role. Health professionals commonly compare women’s bodies to the shape of a fruit in order to identify potential health concerns. Those who are pear-shaped are generally in a positive place, because their fat in stored on the bottom half of their bodies.

However, if you’re shaped like an apple, you may have some health risks associated with your body shape. Storing fat in the belly can create potential health risks that can lead to disease. People who house their fat in their mid-sections have more problems that are related to obesity than people who carry their extra fat on or below their hips.

Stomach fat is more metabolically active, which means it has a greater negative impact on the brain and overall body. Furthermore, fat that is stored at or below the waist is typically more stable and activates fewer cytokines that are associated with insulin resistance and diabetes.

Weight Gain & the Brain

Leptin is another factor that is associated with the fat distribution in women. Leptin levels are essential to regulate one’s appetite, and are also correlated with a larger bottom.

Obese individuals often develop leptin resistance, because their brain stops responding to the hormone. Elite Daily says this is similar to insulin resistance, however the body stops responding the the brain’s signals telling the person he or she is full and does not need to eat anymore. It is more difficult for these people to feel a level of satisfaction when it comes to food.

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Those who have a larger bottom have healthy leptin levels, and a health balance of the hormone that is responsible for regulating weight. This ensures that all of the neurotransmitters in the body are working in harmony so the person knows when they are full and to not overeat.

Another important hormone that is positively affected is dinopectina, which is an anti-inflammatory that not only protects the vascular system, but also has anti-diabetic attributes. Additionally, the adipose tissue in the muscles in the legs and bottom are able to trap fatty particles and help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Big Booty = Big Brains?

In order to maintain a healthy sized bottom, one must consume a significant amount of Omega 3 fats, which boost brain function, cognitive abilities, and memory.

Research has also shown that children who are born to women who have wide hips have a higher level of intelligence compared to children who are conceived by women who are thin and have fewer curves.

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Women with Big Butts Are Smarter & Healthier

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