Woman arrested for filling 200 fake prescriptions


With all the talk of the dangers of online and mail-order pharmacies in the media these days, it’s important to remind ourselves that when people are determined to do the wrong thing, they’ll do it with or without the Internet’s help.

I came across a great example of this in the news the other day, where in Prichard, Alabama, police arrested a man and woman for running a drug ring selling prescription drugs illegally.

How did the woman — Angela Hurst, 28 — build her supply? By ordering them from a rogue pharmacy online?

Nope. Here’s the story (italics mine):

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Narcotics officers say Hurst called in at least 200 hundred fake prescriptions to area drug stores. Hurst was allowed her to get her hands on more than four thousand pills. Police say the suspects even bragged about how easy it is to outsmart local pharmacies.

If you’re a criminal or a junkie, you’ll find a way to do illegal things. That’s the sad truth.

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0 thoughts on “Woman arrested for filling 200 fake prescriptions

  • I had this woman arrested a while back for calling in her own lortab prescription to my pharmacy. I just happened to be a little suspicious and checked up on her. Something needs to change with the laws about calling in controlled substances. For a while, I was catching 1 on almost every shift that I worked. So- who’s to say how many I missed…. And obviously how many other pharmacists didn’t catch.

  • What’s the big deal anyway? How does it affect sober people if others decide to do drugs? Where do so many people think they get the right to decide what other people do with their bodies? I just don’t understand people like tjg0307 who think that destroying someones life by sending them to prison for many years is comprable to doing and selling drugs. Don’t you have a conscience?

  • I happen to be Angela Hurst, the one in question. What the media neglected to report Is that there was only three people involved and I was suffering from major depression and bipolar disorder. I had major surgery on both ancles and a total hysterectomy (was never able to have children) lost my commission in the military in a matter of two years and I just some how found myself not wanting to hurt any more. There is no excuse for my actions, I am only offering the reasons. The sad part is that almost ten years later and I still can’t get a job. Yet, I have not been in any trouble since. I have completed two rehabs by choice and have settled all my debts to society. I can’t catch a break. Oh…I NEVER BRAGGED ABOUT ANYTHING! I did however comment on the ease that I was able to do it, in refrense to loose drug control guide lines. Any further questions. Email me at ahurst21@yahoo.com

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