Will Big Pharma perves sneak a peek at “Sicko”?

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Michael Moore has sent out an invitation to pharmaceutical lobbyists to view his film “Sicko” at a free showing later this week. These are the same lobbyists, of course, that he rightly unloads on during the movie for their ethical shortcomings.

According to MSNBC,

Moore is running “Sicko” promotion ads in Washington newspapers listing more than 900 registered lobbyists and telling them they can attend an exclusive showing at no cost next Wednesday at a theater three blocks from the Capitol. His new documentary premieres Monday in New York and two nights later in Washington. The movie opens to the public June 29.

Moore said,

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It only makes sense that the very people responsible for perpetrating this awful system on the American people should see the fruits of their labor … Without their hard work ensuring that insurance companies make billions denying care to their customers, we might actually have an effective system that guaranteed care to all.

I’m picturing nervous lobbyists in hats and trenchcoats heading into the theater, like back in the days of the old adult moviehouses. Fitting, since what they’ve done to our country’s healthcare system is truly pornographic.

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