Who will take down Big Pharma first — Michael Moore … or us?

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We’ve blogged here quite a bit about Michael Moore’s “Sicko” , which we hope will finally take public outrage over the top to force reform of Big Pharma.

But I think Moore is really only half the story.

The other shoe that’s dropping on Big Pharma is us — the blogosphere and social networks that are revealing truths about this industry that the traditional media has failed to report.

In addition to offering up whistleblowers like Peter Rost, the Internet is tearing down Big Pharma one YouTube video at a time. According to Advertising Age,

The most damning of the videos are two five-minute segments — one from a former sales rep for Eli Lilly and Co.’s antipsychotic Zyprexa, who reveals what Lilly officials told him to say about the drug’s side effects. The other is a trailer for a 46-minute documentary called “Big Bucks, Big Pharma” from the Media Education Foundation, a Northampton, Mass., group that produces and distributes films intended to “inspire reflection” about American mass media.

eDrugSearch - save on medication costs and get free drug coupons

eDrugSearch - save on medication costs and get free drug coupons

Ad Age reports that all the negative attention has Big Pharma in a panic. Might we suggest an Ativan?

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