When it comes to healthcare in U.S., the question is, “Who benefits?”

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From the Daily Kos:

When it comes to healthcare in America, the first question you should frequently ask yourself is: Cui Bono–who benefits?

There is an unholy alliance between the FDA, which is supposed to protect us, and the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Indeed, there is growing evidence, that your safety and mine has taken a back seat–or more aptly, no seat–to the thoroughly politicized agency…

Let’s take a quick look at the connection between big pharma and kidney dialysis patients.

The Food and Drug Administration yesterday warned doctors not to excessively boost patients’ red blood cell counts with anti anemia drugs, following publication of a clinical trial this week that found exceeding the FDA’s dosing recommendations increased the chance of fatal heart attacks and strokes.

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Dosing in excess of those recommendations is common practice in the dialysis industry, which derives much of its revenue from administration of one of the drugs, Epogen, made by Amgen Inc…

The writer cites a number of examples of a system driven to overmedicate patients to increase profits. He calls the phenomenon “feeding humans to the medico/pharma beast.” It’s an interesting analysis — and all the more reason to educate yourself to make better decisions when purchasing prescription medications.

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