What sort of health insurance do the presidential candidates have?

Interestingly, some of the candidates are surprisingly secretive about this — which is pretty sad considering it’s the top domestic issue of the campaign. Daily Kos wonders if one reason Giuliani and McCain don’t want to talk about it is that, as cancer survivors, they might not be able to get individual coverage under the healthcare plans they propose.

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0 thoughts on “What sort of health insurance do the presidential candidates have?

  • suboxone blogger says:

    This is such a good question, although I’m sure they all have private insurance, well covered PPOs that let them go wherever they want and see whomever they wish. The only one that was apparent was Edwards (blue cross, ppo) and he claims that he got it through “work” (his campaign?).

    It would be wondeful to think that they could actually try to give the American people the coverage they would want for their own families. Prescription drugs are hard enough to get, and modern health care ought to be doing more to cover those who need prescription opiate detox as well!

    I just hope that the candidate practices what he (or she) preaches.

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