What is Medi-Share and How Does It Work?

Despite what most people may think, Medi-Share is not like an insurance policy. Health insurance is a policy that comes with a contractual agreement, entitling you to pay for your medical bills. On the other hand, Medi-Share revolves in the concept of members sharing their medical bills. This is done on a non-guaranteed basis. The concept also involves trusting God to supply during their times of need by means of the charitable gifts of other Christians. Medi-Share is a Christian health insurance alternative.

What Makes Medi-Share Exceptional?

Medi-Share has been working to provide its members the assistance they need through the concept of sharing and helping one another. There are four main factors that make Medi-Share exceptional.

  • Medi-Share Has Been Tried and Tested. Medi-Share has been proven to work in over 19 years. The members of Medi-Share have been assisting one another by means of medical bill sharing. In fact, there are over $675 million that has been shared as well as discounted. This is considered as the Lord’s way of helping out His people care for each other while also providing a healthcare system that works.
  • Sensible Concept. Medi-Share is also a sensible approach. It has several investment options that would fit the needs of those Christians who do not want to be alone when it comes to paying their medical expenses.
  • Good Stewardship. The concept of Medi-Share is also perfect for those Christians who want to help out their fellow Christians who have the same lifestyle that they have, basing on the Biblical concepts as well as service to other people.
  • Ministry. This is a nonprofit ministry where members create the rules based on Biblical concepts and teachings. Moreover, the ministry does not support choices that deviate from the Biblical concepts and teaching like drug and alcohol abuse as well as abortion.

Does Medi-Share Work?

Medi-Share is based on the concepts of Christians helping Christians. Moreover, this is also known as Christian Healthcare Sharing. This brings Christians from all walks of life together to share one another’s health care expenses and costs. This is a modern version of the principles noted in the book of Acts. There are several programs available and members can choose the best option that fits their needs and preferences as well as budget. Every month, a member’s share is matched to another member’s eligible medical bills. The Christian Care Ministry is the one that aids in the sharing of the medical costs and expenses between the members. Moreover, each member may check online to determine who they are sharing with. This provides the opportunity for each member to pray and encourage the other people that they are sharing the costs with.

Medi-Share is More Than A Healthcare Concept

While many would think that this is simply a healthcare concept, Medi-Share goes beyond that. This is considered a community of people who believes in the same principle and lives with the same values in life. The members of such community pray for one another, and they are supported by an institution that provides health education as well as promotes Biblical living. Each member can experience the freedom as well as the blessing which comes from experiencing help from other people and from providing help to other people.

Options Available in Medi-Share

Medi-Share provides its member several options for individuals as well as families. In fact, they provide a plan that can fit to any budget. Under the Medi-Share 2.0, the members will determine their payment on a monthly basis basing on their Annual Household Portion or their AHP level. The concept behind AHP is the same with that of a deductible. Basically, the members will establish how much of their annual medical bills that they can afford before Medi-Share provides payment support. There are seven AHP levels. These are $500, $1250, $2500, $3750, $5000, $7500, and $10000. The rate of each monthly plan will be determined through the number of the people covered. Once the AHP is established, the members will then select the number of people that are covered. The age of the oldest person covered will also determine the monthly rate.

Senior Assist in Medi-Share

There is also a special plan intended for senior citizens known as Senior Assist. The purpose of the plan is to aid those people with Medicare parts A as well as B by means of covering the gaps on the Medical coverage. The plan applies for members 66 years old and above. This plan works the exact same way with that of a regular Medi-Share program where the other members will help cover the medical costs and expenses. However, the Senior Assist plan’s coverage is limited to several expenses like copayments, deductibles, stays in nursing facilities, hospitalization, and urgent care abroad.

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Member’s Ways to Prove Their Faith

Medi-Share is a faith-based community of Christians coming together to assist one another cover the medical expenses. However, the enrollment to the community does come with a catch. The people who join this community should prove their faith through regularly attending the services as well as actively supporting the ministry. Moreover, the members need to complete a statement of their faith and they should also have a verifiable testimony regarding their relationship with God. The members are also required to believe in the Biblical doctrines, which view and treat the body as a pure entity. The members should not engage in any sexual activities outside of their Christian marriage. Lastly, the members should also not abuse tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.


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What is Medi-Share and How Does It Work?

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    I am my husband ‘s care giver. I can not afford Insurance . I do not get paid like people think I should. He is my husband. He is only 58 years old. Lungs,Back, skin and depression problems. On SS and his retirement. Day to day with God’s help. God is good. Thanks Jeannette.

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