What Does Your Poop Say About Your Health?

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My friend was once hospitalized with internal bleeding due to a medication she was taking.

She was passing blood in her stool without realizing it.

I wondered how this had happened, so I asked her how she failed to notice a change in her bowel movements.

She looked at me as if I were crazy and exclaimed that she never views her poop before flushing her toilet.

Our poop tells us a great deal about our health. There no shame in having a look at what you just produced.

We all need to take a gander into the toilet bowl because our poop tells us allot about health.

Here are several things you need to look for. . .

Frequency of Bowel Movements

The jury is out on just how many times a day or week you should move your bowels.

Some doctors say that we can go a week without emptying the bowel, but many suggest a daily elimination of stool is the healthiest route.

Who wants all those toxins clinging to your insides for days at a time? Your bowel is happier when things move smoothly.

Size & ShapeWhat Does Your Poop Mean?

The ideal poop, should be the size, shape and consistency of a medium sized banana.

On one end of the continuum little “poopets,” resembling Milk Duds indicate a lack of fiber in the diet as do the clumps of baby poops that form together to make a Baby Ruth type bowel movement.

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On the other end of the continuum, squishy liquid stool is also of concern. Consistently loose bowels may indicate a more serious health condition, though sometimes this can be treated with diet changes.


It is important to pay attention to the color of your poop.

Very dark brown or black stool can signify the presence of internal bleeding.

Other unnatural colors for poop are green, yellow or tan.

A medium to dark shade of brown is the color of preference.

Additional fiber in the form of fruits, grains and vegetables can help with both constipation and diarrhea, and some dietary supplements can help as well.

If your poop is not the right size, shape or color, a consultation with your doctor should be considered.

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